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Good, better, best: Quality Standards for Youth Participation
Start date: 22 Jun 2016, End date: 21 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project proposes an innovative approach to organisational development of pupils’ council, by developing and piloting a set of standards to evaluate the participation level of youth (14 to 21 years), specifically in pupils’ council structure, both in Romania and Poland. By transferring the know how from one country to another, in working with standards for participation of children and youth, we expect to learn and eventually apply the knowledge of mapping the criteria and elaborating the standards accordingly. This will lead to first national level assessment of youth participation in representative structures and design of the standards to be used for the assessment.The project’s objectives are: - development of competences for quality assurance in youth participation in the pupils’ council context for 30 trainers – facilitators (teachers), 30 representatives of PC and 60 peer educators (pupils) in order to support design and elaboration of quality standards by the representatives of pupils’ councils. The participants are both from Romania and Poland, in the same number.- elaboration of a set of quality standards for the pupils’ councils activity at all levels (school, local, county, regional and national) by transfer of the 7S model of McKinsey i. Result: a set of quality standards for the assessment of pupils’ councils activity - piloting the self assessment tool on the basis of designed standards to inform about the level of youth participation (14-21 years) within pupils’ representative structure and about the organisational capacity level of National Pupils’ Council. Result: a self assessment tool printed and multiplied which will support the assessment process of the quality of pupils’ council activity and a pilot process to refine and shape the final form of the standards. - Development of the organisational capacity of pupils’ council trough a training programme for specific competencies needed to perform representation within the pupils’ councils. Result: information and training sessions on: pupils’ council, quality in pupils representation, quality in youth participation and thematic modules (teamwork, conflict management, organisational management, public speaking and debate, project management and so on). The project will result in:- a set of standards for quality assessment of activities in the pupils’ council at all levels, both in Romania and Poland- a self assessment tool to be used in a national assessment process in pupils’ councils in the two countries- the Guide for Organisation and Functioning of the National Pupils’ Council which will make the standards operational and informative for the local councils and which will integrate self-assessment as an integrative part of the process cycle of pupils’ council, in Romania and Poland- 30 trainers/facilitators (teachers) trained in quality assurance and facilitation/training techniques, to support the elaboration of standards in the pupils’ council , from Romania and Poland, in the same number- 60 peer-educators (pupils from county pupils’ councils (30 from Romania and 30 from Poland) trained in facilitation techniques and quality assurance in youth participation to ensure proper contribution and participation of local pupils’ councils in elaboration and piloting the standards- 30 representatives of pupils’ councils (presidents, vicepresidents, secretaries or department coordinators from Romania and Poland) informed and trained about standards and assessment of quality in pupils’ council to ensure a national level approach and support the local activities. The project consists of mobilities for transfering the know how, training and learning sessions, local activities of elaboration and design of standards, piloting and self assessment process and a multiplier event to share the model to similar structures at international level – for example OBESSU and ECYC.
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