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Golden Goal Plus-Integrating Sport Activities with Basic Skills & Communication Training

In the past years, the issue of “basic skills” has gained particular attention in most European countries. Of particular concern are what is generally called ‘functional literacy’ and ‘functional numeracy’ defined as “the ability to read, write and speak in the respective language and to use mathematics at a level necessary to function at work and in society in general”. In order to achieve this it is necessary to enable young disadvantaged adults with particular “education resistance” to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, and to promote their social and cultural integration into societyThe main aims and objectives were:•to transfer, adapt and validate guidelines, curriculum as well as exercises and training materials necessary to introduce the concept of “Golden Goal” (= basic and social skills training concepts in combination with sporting activities) in Germany, Portugal and Poland. •to modify these contents by taking into account not only linguistic aspects, but also sociological and cultural aspects in the three target countries •to adapt the materials by adding didactic guidelines for VET teachers and trainers how to introduce these materials within the framework of existing teaching schemes, with relation to the specific demands and needs of individual users and to the specific learning cultures of the above mentioned countries and to the requirements of vocational training providers.

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