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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT Youth unemployment is currently a serious problem concerning most European countries. Eurostat, October 2015 statistics show that there are 4.610 million unemployed youths in Europe now and the figures regarding youth unemployment is high especially up to the age of 24,which suggests that youths do not start contributing to economy before university graduation.This situation may unfortunately be interpreted in two angles: First of all, youths do not get involved in business world actively, and are left devoid of getting the experience to sharpen their skills. Secondly, Europe cannot benefit from youth potential in their most productive ages. This interpretation takes us to the conclusion that, youths should be given a chance to get more actively into the society to become well equipped and at this point the project suggests volunteerism as a solution. The very fact that practice of volunteering can indeed provide several benefits for the volunteer herself/himself is often neglected. volunteering can contribute to skills development of youths in several ways:Volunteering can;-teach you valuable job skills such as organising, leadership, teamwork, time and resource management, entrepreneurship, public speaking, communication and marketing skills, etc.-can provide you career experience-raise awareness of youths about community service, sharing, and social resposiblity-provides a sense of purpose in life-increase self-confidence-build sense of attachment to the community.If youths are encouraged to participate in voluntary work, they can get a chance to improve their basic skills which are essential to business world. In addition, their effort can contribute to the development of European society as a whole AIMS OF PROJECTThe overall goal of the project “Volunteer! Get Better-Make Better” is to contribute to skills development of youths as a solution to the problem of youth unemployment in Europe. In this general frame, the Project specifically aims at raising awareness of youths and youth workers about volunteering and awaken them to the potential they can gain from volunteering to develop their skills and become active citizens in the society. NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS AND PARTICIPANTS’ PROFILESThe Project will bring together 36 participants from 8 countries, including at least one socially disadvantaged person per each party. Our participants are youthworkers, youthleaders and and youths both having volunteering experience and not, and who can work with discipline, and are motivated, dedicated and socially active for the benefit of the society. Our participants are assumed to have a capacity for promoting volunteeering among youths in the society. METHODSThe Project will utilize non-formal learning tools such as energizers, Ice Breakers, brainstorming, discusions, learning by doing, interactive presentations, Street interviews,photograph and video taking, field trip, brochure-poster-tshirt-logo-bracelet design, digital design,living library, simulations, creative thinking exercises, voxpop presentation, cultural night, NGO fair. ACTIVITIESThe Project involves activities such as orientation games, presentation of Project’s plans, aims, expectation and fear,description of volunteering, cultural night and NGO fair, survey on volunteering,expert presentations, country presentations, what is in my pocket? Evaluation activity, creation of product pool, living library,presentation of Erasmus+, Youthpass skill galery and Youthwork Portfolio, final evaluation and Youthpass distrubution. IMPACTSThe project will increase awareness of youths about the benefits of volunteering and encourage them to actively volunteer in their society. It will help them recognize the fact that volunteering can enable them to imrove their skills which are necessary fort he competitive business World. NGO fair will help organisations to display their facilities and give them a chance to get closer for future cooperation, which will eventually contribute their capasity development. Young people -who haven’t been involved in any volunteering activities- will be more conscious. While the experienced youth workers and leaders wii be able to share their experience, they will gain self confidence. Participants’ self-reliance and presentation skills will develop with interviews on the street, public presantations or talks at field trips.The youth will gain awareness about social inclusion with the participation of socially disadvantaged people. Participants also become more aware of opportunites for skills development with presentations of Erasmus+, Youthpass and Youthwork Portfolio. BENEFITS in LONG TERM Partner organisations will want to develop more projects together in the long term thanks to the Project writing simulations, during which they will realize potential of their partner organizations.
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