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An expert report, which was published by the European Commission at the beginning of 2010, comes to the result, that Europeans need to orientate their competences more and better to the demands of the labour market. In order to do so it is necessary to build "pedagogic bridges" between the educational system and the labour market, which helps to get more detailed information on occupations and their current and future requirements. This is one of the goals the project is aiming at. Additional challenges concerning the didactic and methodological realisation result from the special job orientaion on young persons with immigrant background, who significantly fail more often than their native peers in the transition from school to work. The reasons are manifold. Some of the reasons are a narrow view of of the jobs and training that young people would like to learn and would practice and thus apply to. In addition to that the application strategies for training on the dual system being practised are not enough and cause that this group become disadvantaged. Last but not least are the missing nsocial networks that could "open the door" for these young people to the labour market.A large number of young school leavers, especially those with a negative school results and experiences, cannot be reached through traditional counselling methods. Hier it is advisable to use other alternative counselling and motivation methods that would really reach these young people.The internet portal "go4job" will face these challenges and pick-up methodically and medially young persons at the transition from school to work where they are, didactically speak their language and hereby motivate them, to better realize their life chances within the European society and in the European labour market. The development of the portal is based on the principle "from young persons for young persons". This will be realized by a close implementation of apprentices and their ideas in planing and realization of diverse portal modules and the production of the portal content."go4job" aimes to shape a "YouTobe of occupational oriention" portal, which develops dynamically and will be supported by both, schools and training companies.

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