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Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For our students, who predominantly come from rural areas and are keen to pursue our two-year course leading to the qualification of ´foreign language assistant´, a work placement abroad is an essential building block for the development of their character. Furthermore, it will improve their opportunities of finding employment. Our students show great interest in these work placements, which is why we would like to offer this opportunity to 26 candidates every year. This will ensure they are qualified to find a job both within the EU and elsewhere. The different elements that make up this work placement – host family, language course and trainee-ship – augment both formal and informal knowledge as well as encouraging a degree of cross cultural awareness. It is important for our participants to improve their ICT and overall skills and, above all, their language proficiency even further.Our students have varying cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, this work placement is often the first opportunity they have to travel abroad on their own. The fact that they must compete for jobs with those who live in cities also serves to highlight the significance of these work placements. Developing their social skills and learning to be confident in their abilities in a global context is, therefore, very important. This project will allow them to gain an insight into the way people live and work in a neighbouring country. Moreover, their awareness of cultural differences and similarities between European countries will increase, and they will develop a European identity.Together with our partners, we develop ´Memoranda of Understanding` and we conclude learning agreements with our students in which we make use of ECVET elements in order to keep a record of their progress. Our students will also be able to set up an electronic portfolio that will include a Europass, certificates and references. This will ensure transparency as well as encouraging personal responsibility.Coaching and support: communication media will ensure that there will be a contact person available 24 hours a day.The participants will be open for different cultures, they gain sensitivity, skills and competences to negotiate with customers and suppliers. Their interest in entrepreneurship will arouse, which will enhance their employability and job opportunities in Germany and abroad.As a school we will foster our endeavour to think and act more in international terms through the process of networking with our partners, since we intensify our knowledge and competencies as teachers and mediators between cultures. The permanent further development of our project utilizing ECVET will have a positive impact on our school's further development. We will benefit from the synergy effect: Will will implement best practice elements from other cultures and educational systems in order to internationalize and update our curriculum.
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