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Go for Green
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Go for Green! We love the green professions, the gardeners and landscapers and all related vocations.Gardening is timeless and even now is gaining momentum in a world that is ever more comercialised and fast paced. Green spaces in our towns and homes are core values of our society - as we wish to keep something very fundamental and pure. Our mobilties take our participants to one of the countries where modern gardening was invented and we know this knowledge will translate in our vocational training and will add core values to it!And let us not forget that Great Britian is the home and birthplace of many inventions and a trendsetter who is held in high regard with our costumers.We believe it is our duty to our members to provide all instruments available, that will contribute to a better vocational educational training. In ERASMUS+ we are sure to have found such a tool that will inevitably contribute to a better training by means of sending staff and trainees abroad; to relate practical skills and professional knowledge.Our aim is to provide practical ecxperience for our trainees in british gardens, who's structure and content has had some main influence on historic and current garden designs. The topical knowledge is part of the curiculum and more over relevant for practical application. We want to train our staff along those line as well in order to provide them with knowledge pretaining to the labour market and within the professional compettition.Work experience abroad will always strenghten ones personal and intercultural abilties. It also enhances mobilty during locating a job after the apprentice-ship or during ones career. It will further a growing together in Europe and thus help to prevent a mismatch between jobs and skilled labourers. But we need to offer an atractive and high profile education to achieve this.Our trainees will travel in 9 flows at 4 people each to Northern Ireland, where our partner CMS Devon Ltd will manage their placements. They will work amongst others at Mt Stewart which ranks number 8 in the world. Another potential partner garden is Rowallane also from the National Trust.CMS Devom Ltd will look after the whole organisation of those flows from booking the flights, managing accomodation, insurance, transport as well as free time activities.The same management will be applied to our trainer flows which will be posted to Northern Ireland and Southwest England in varying group sizes from 4 to 8. The journeys to Southwest England will in some flows contain destination such as the Chelsea Flower show, Mt Edgecombe and other high ranking gardens in England. For all those flows CMS Devon Ltd has already provided a studie schedule which will be led and guided by her team. This schedule contains study vistits to traditional and historic gardens rounded by a practical day which will see the application of the aquired knowledge.As the ascociation of landscaping industries in two ferderal states it is our declared aim to translate said knowledge and skills back into our companies and training institutes for the benefit of all our members.We firmly believe that every single trainee should have the possibilty for a stay abroad during their aprenticeship, because it will braoaden their horizon and give them new perspectives and better chances when entering the labour market as well as strenghtening them in their private environment.This is our goal; to open up more and further posibilties for trainers and trainees in VET, we believe it will give them an advantage on the labour market and enable us to recruit and develop skilled labourers for the future of our landscaping industries.As an overall benefit this experience will be of great personal and professional value to our participants by means of developing their character and skills.
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