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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main target of the project went towards and still is for the development of our school increasing the quality and appeal of current offer as well as providing all pupils with better communication skills in foreign languages. In our plan there was not only expanding school educational offer and enhancing educational chances of our pupils by introducing extra foreign language – Spanish, but also teaching individualization of teaching methods and support of talented pupils by taking part in international school exchange with the school in Germany. In order to increase the quality of teaching at our school teachers took part in different language courses of Erasmus + project. Headmaster and Teacher of RE and IT – Barbara Tomkowiak took part in an intensive course of English in Malta. A Teacher of English – Piotr Purol took part in a methodology course of English also in Malta regarding using IT in teaching foreign languages. Early School Teacher and Day care room Assistant - Jolanta Dziubińska took part in Spanish language course in Spain. The aim of our actions was also encouraging the other teachers at our school and in our region to greater educational mobility as well as supporting those who already have taken part in methodical courses to share the knowledge with the others. It happened through the promulgating meetings among our school teachers as well as during the workshops for teachers from local school in Dopiewo. All the project action enabled not only the continuation of international school exchange with a German school in Dallgow near Berlin which was started 2 years ago, but they will also have influence on its quality and range, as well as opening for the better cooperation with other UE countries and enable us to become more and more European School. This year one of the participants of Erasmus + mobility – our Headmaster led the project of school exchange, where English was the language of communication. It is of great importance for us, because our school is a place where our pupils often despite big possibilities are not sufficiently motivated to get more knowledge. In our country school there are many smart children, but still there are so called “difficult children” who are environmentally neglected and left without any parental support or other educational institutions. It is difficult to compete with city children, who have wider access to culture, varied educational courses or free time activities. Furthermore complex of origin from rural environment is quite noticeable as well as lack of courage and self confidence. It is very visible in case of learning foreign languages. The children have barriers in speaking and putting their abilities into practice. The answer to these problems was in many ways the possibility of meeting the peers from Germany and communication in English. One of the effects of the trainings was realization of programs and events promoting learning of foreign languages, as well as ideas and European values for example extra Spanish lesson “With Spain by name” as well as interactive lessons for year 6. Apart from that the pupils of our school could get to know more about life and culture of European countries thanks to interactive presentations and talks about Malta and Spain. The step forward for us in organization of methodical techniques was and still is more effective using of modern IT for educational purposes and developing of skills in using the modern IT at every school subject, especially making use of multimedia at early school stage. Our priority as for methodical base was modernization of teaching equipment. Retrofitting of school base with additional teaching equipment and modern technical solutions helped getting better IT competences by pupils and learning foreign languages and other school subjects by using ICT. In the school year 2015/16 next classroom was equipped with interactive whiteboard and software. By that every classroom at our school has IWB and has the access not only to internet but also to all necessary interactive resources. In the near future our computer lab is going to be modernized. Realization of the project certainly imparted European character to our school. Firstly it contributed to quality growth of intercultural education and better understanding of social and language diversity in our local community. It was the perfect form of promotion of lifelong learning idea and developing active attitude in pupils, teachers and in local community as well as encouraging everybody to more activity in the life of local community. All these actions also aimed at countering the prejudices and failures in education and in a long run giving equal opportunities at the labor market.

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