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Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Technology has shown significant improvements in the last 2 decades all over the world and this period is known as 'Information Age'. Such a period, the importance of the computer and communication tools is an indisputable truth. Today , technology is one of the most important components shaping the 20th century. However, according to other developed cities, there's a digital gap in economics, social,political and cultural spheres in the Eastern Anatolia region, even more specific to Kars on a provincial basis. At this point, our schools have an important role against the digital divide. Having the right education, we can turn the inaquality in the socio-economic,cultural and language field caused by the Digital divide into the equal opportunity in education. At this context, our project's objectives are: *Eliminate the digital divide and provide equal opportunity to all of our students *Learn and teach the information and communication technology (ICT) in a best pedagogical way *Get and develop the ICT skills cooperating with international partners *Encourage our students meet with their English native speaking peers and develop their four language skills(speaking,listening,reading,writing) As relevant we examined the IEA's (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievements) studies supported by the European Union. This study has revealed that the most effective ICT user country is the Czech Rebuplic. Denmark,Poland,Netherlands follow Czech Republic at top of the list. Nevertheless, Turkey is at the bottom row of this list. This study also shows that among the neighboring countries of the European Union, 9 out of 10 students have very low level technological knowledge in Turkey. Our goal is to form virtual classrooms and to update the environment of education technologically , to use ICT more consciously in our classrooms and also to make the education environment more entertaining, more active and and more permanent. Besides we want to see other European trainees' project performance and show our works by staying in touch with them after the course.Therefore we'll make them mention about our country with good examples. The basic idea behind our project is to create creative classes which take into account individual differences, and based on student-centered,problem based and collaborative learning.In other words, we'd like to get rid of traditional methods, create flipped classrooms, take maximum advantage of technology and turn our classes into a laboratory. While implementing the project we will use Flipped Classroom in the Lifelong Learning Method. Our school has 312 students and 20 teachers. All of our teachers and students (9th-10th-11th-12th. classes) are going to work as implementer of our project. With this system, before the lesson, students follow lesson videos at any time they want , take notes and ask questions on an online platform which has been created by teachers on behalf of the school.(The contribution of this stage to education is that students can reach information at any time they want and to do this they use technology in a conscious way. And also this system quite takes into account individual differences as students go on learning at their own learning speed.) Then, the teacher groups the questions according to their category. Students look for answers to their questions in cooperation in the classroom. At this stage, knowledge is made much more attractive with active learning activities such as directed discussions, group work, experiment,observation, brain storming. In addition, students will make their own videos as an homework and share with their friends in online system. By applying this method, we aim at increasing the rate of conscious use of the internet in our city and we plan to reduce the rate of school failure.Thus, we'll increase even the most unsuccessful students' interest of the class.And also students can learn through their personal learning speed and all the students take responsibility. Thanks to all of these, we intend reducing the school disciplinary offence,too. Additionally we wish to update ourselves as teachers and students. We're all enthusiastic about it. What is more, we can use English in accordance with both grammar and spoken language and include body language,gesture and facial expression to our speech.We'd like to introduce our students to native speaker peers. Thereby, we'll develop our students' four Language Skills(Speaking-Listening-Reading-Writing). Finally, if we have these trainings, we'll ensure well-rounded education and we can train our students as an indivudual of many parts.
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