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Go 4 Erasmus + in Tarragona
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Association Proa has been actively involved in the Youth Programme in the last 15 years coordinating and sending European volunteers. We believe that European volunteer programmes are a unique opportunity for European and third countries youth to meet, to connect, to share life and work experiences, to grow up on a personal level and to create networks that can fight against racism, age, religion or gender discrimination. European volunteering is the experience of being responsible for oneself in another country, of learning a new language, of communicating with people in a language that one does not speak, of growing up. At the same time, it’s a way of self training with informal methods, of developping the practicalities of life, of participating actively in a project, not only as just another member that hasn’t got its own voice. Volunteering inspires feelings of citizenship, of being active in a social and environmental project. Volunteering inspires one the European spirit. Our project "Go 4 Erasmus+ in Tarragona" is a project that proposes itself the continuation of years of experience and dedication in hosting European volunteers in Tarragona. We put forward both an individual and a group project which includes 2 other associations we coordinate in the province of Tarragona. These projects deal with two different issues; Gepec-EdC: they propose activities related to the environment and we will select 2 volunteers for this project. Education of children and adults through outdoors activities such as: -manual cleaning to prevent machine entry and destruction of bird nests for instance. -monitoring the presence of users in the nature area. -monitoring the population of plant species both invaders as positive bioindicators -filming and editing of demonstration, technical and artistic videos -office work: document selection, document scanning, signature campaigns, cleaning, internet surfing, translations, leaflet and poster manufacture, etc. -monitoring the population of vertebrate depradors and plague: Pica Pica birds, cats, dogs, mosquitoes, rats -acreage maintenance: walls and dry stone structures, agriculture, apiculture etc. and the social proposed activities in the Old People’s Residence of La Mercè. The proposed activities for the two selected volunteers are: Morning activities deal with cognitive psico-stimulation, such as memory activities. Afternoon activities are oriented mostly towards entertaining activities and consist of playing music and moving around activities: bingo workshop, table games, walks in the garden and talk to the elderly. Preparation meetings are done daily between the activity coordinator, the EVS volunteers and their tutor. The activity to follow is organized as well as the material, the previous day activities are also commented upon and a daily evaluation is done. The volunteers receive the daily technical training in order to be able to work properly during the workshops. The monitors give specific instructions on the tasks. The volunteers’ task is to improve these instructions by adding their personal touch and trying to be as humane as possible during the activities at the centre. The volunteers’ tasks are to try to be just another participant in order to create a healthy intergenerational environment. These activities and the continuous presence of the European volunteers ensure the continuity of our projects and bring joy into people’s lives.
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