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GMH - společný prostor pro všechny
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project, which we called „A Common Space for All“, was developed at Gymnazium Mnichovo Hradiste (GMH) on the united initiative of the school management and a group of active teachers. The main stimulus was the need to increase the school competitiveness, and also an effort to respond to social changes or changes of legislation regarding inclusion in Czech schools – the requirement of inclusion of pupils with special educational needs, insufficient knowledge of Czech language and different cultural background.The objectives of this project are to acquire knowledge, skills and experience in the field of school inclusion of SEN pupils, who are disabled or handicapped in various areas of their lives, or have social handicaps, and to use this knowledge in the educational process. This is a way how to enhance the quality of putting inlusion into practice and also possibility how to increase the attractiveness of our school for pupils who could, for variety of reasons, have problems with integration in large schools, focused primarily on student´s performance.Four teachers are going to participate in the project: Eva Kozáková (Art and English language teacher), Lenka Sosnovcová (Czech and German language teacher), Tomáš Vyšohlíd (English language and Social studies teacher), Lukáš Umáčený (Maths and Geography teacher).Major activity of the project is job shadowing at partner schools in Estonia, Germany, England and Finland during the school year 2016/2017. We have chosen this type of activity because it corresponds best to our needs – to become familiar with the way how inclusion is performed in different educational systems and schools, and on the basis of that to choose the appropriate way of its implementation within GMH. Project participants will convey the knowledge and skills acquired at the partner schools to their collegues at GMH, and in case of interest from other parties to teachers of other schools in the town as well.The presumed outcomes of the project will be quality increasement and improvement of teaching process at GMH, in particular in the area of inclusion of pupils with special educational needs or pupils from different cultural bacgrounds, and ultimately increase of competitivenes of our school.The project will have an immediate impact on its participants – it will allow them to improve their pedagogical qualification and teaching competence, and it will be motivating for their further work. As a consequence, implementation of the whole project will bring new findings and knowlege to the other teachers as well. There will be benefit for all school pupils in the sence of putting inclusion into school practice and involvement of the adequate educational methods from the part of teachers – students will appreciate learning more and it will become more effective, meaningful and fun. We hope that this will also positively affect the parental public.The long-term benefit for our school should be improvement of its standards and ultimately also increase of its prestige and reputation.The opportunity to see a positive impact of realization of the European project and implementing it in practice could also support the pro-European attitudes of all project target groups (teachers, pupils, parents) and resolve to their own active involvement in international exchanges and cooperation.
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