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Glocal (GLObal+ LOcal) Nature Of School Inclusion

The title of our project is GNOSI (Global Nature of School Inclusion). It’s a project involving four schools in Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Slovenia. It Deals with all types of school inclusion: minorities, children with special needs and disabled, socially disadvantaged, emigrants. It focuses on two specific priorities of the Comenius action, namely: improving the education of children coming from disadvantaged environments and promoting an intercultural education. We intend to carry out common activities in order to change mentalities and attitudes which will be reflected in a change of behaviour (at both school and local community levels) towards these categories of pupils. Promoting such values as tolerance and respect we want to capitalize the native potential of our children and to increase their self esteem through activities which focus on multi- and intercultural elements. Our partnership is interested in organizing activities that will show how inclusion can be at the same time a matter of pupils, teachers, parents and local authorities. The activities will take place in each partner’s school and at the same time be shared amongst partners, and always end up in an evaluation and feedback according to the spirit of the intercultural dialogue and in a creative way promoting the value of the lifelong learning as suggested by the Lisbon strategy.
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