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Glocal Europe - Connecting realities, building Communities, developing Capacities
Start date: Jul 22, 2016, End date: Jul 21, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Global Europe - Connecting realities, building Communities, Developing Capacities" project appears under umbrella of Cascais European Youth Capital 2018 (EYC2018), a title awarde by the European Youth Forum.Recognizing the value and consistency of the other cities that also reached the final - Kecskemét, Manchester, Novi Sad and Perugia, as they all invested in the process of applying for EYC, meaning that all share the same priority given to youth in local policy and gather he recognized experience and background, contact was established between the 5 cities, with a clear motivation to strengthen the connections and share through this project.The aim of the project is o empower active participation of young people in their communities, social inclusion and cultural diversity through sharing and exchanging on themes of common interest, related with the main priorities of European and local youth policies.This is a multi-activity project composed of four bilateral exchanges and one multilateral exchange over a period of 2 years.These exchanges will allow groups of young people from Cascais and the five finalist cities EYC2018, to live together for a week and, with the support of the group leaders and using non-formal education methodologies, promote experiential learning, learning from peers, intercultural learning and personal development.The first four bilateral exchanges will take 4 different groups of Cascais to be hosted by a group of young people respectively in Perugia (September 2016), Kecskemét (April 2017), Manchester (July 2017) and Novi Sad (September 2017). Continuing the process, the multilateral exchange will welcome in Cascais during the CEJ2018, the groups that took part in the bilateral exchanges.Each exchange will have a specific theme linked to European priorities:• Perugia 'Employability and entrepreneurship as key aspects of empowerment and youth participation.• Kecskemét »Creativity and culture as a way of expression and active participation in society.• Manchester 'Volunteering as a way of participation and skills development.• Novi Sad »Social inclusion and solidarity as pillars of building a just society - especially looking into the situation of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in the European context.• Cascais' European Citizenship - values, identity and cultural diversity in Europe.The project also includes:- Advance planning Visit (APV), taking place in Cascais in July 2016 with the leaders of all partners.- Meetings Glocal Europe: monthly meetings in Cascais between October 2016 and June 2017 at least, promoting conviviality and keeping connected and motivated participants,- Intermediate Event "Gloconections": activities that involve participation at the distance involving people from all the exchange projects. Taking place in June 2017, concrete format will be decided jointly, but will be something online, possibly simultaneously, to share results / views / connections and contributions to CEJ2018. Can consist of: an online conversation, sharing of short videos produced by young people, a mini-competition among all arts (photography, text, music, etc.), special editions of games / articles / images on social networks, etc.These activities will generate 145 mobility spread over 72 youth and 12 leaders. With local and online activities there is potential for the number of young people directly concerned to be higher.The target group is young people between 18 and 25 years, from the partner cities, motivated to participate. The group will respect the principle of gender balance and integrate young people with fewer opportunities, whether from more disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, particularly marginalized, young people with special physical needs, or young immigrants or ethnic minorities who are in a situation more vulnerable.With the project we hope to contribute to the debate, exchanging ideas and building a common understanding of issues relevant to young people, including youth participation, active citizenship, European identity, social inclusion, volunteering and employability.We want to awaken inspiration and gather ideas about what defines a "youth friendly city " and inn this line, a European youth capital.In terms of results, we hope to develop social and personal skills of the participants through non-formal learning, promoting the expression, creativity, initiative and building a European identity.

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