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Globalisierung, Politik und Internationalität
Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The lack of interest of young people in democracy and politics in the European Union, is connected with the untransparence of politics and the limited possibilities of participation, which are addressed to the young people. Political interest is important for this very reason, because they constitute a political identity, which positively promotes the development of young adults. Moreover, these political identity is connected with the development of active European citizenship because only out of political interest political participation takes place. The lack of interest of young people in politics and democracy based on their ignorance. In addition to politics and democracy issues such as the European Union and participation of unfamiliar subjects, which they naturally respond with disinterest. Since the lack of interest in the democratic and European policy is one of the results of ignorance about the knowledge of the tasks of the European Union and the sequence of democracy and the opportunities for participation is generally clear up. Young adults spend most of their time in peer groups in which they affect their interests and Desinteressen each other. These peer groups have the function of a caregiver, which can be influenced significantly the kinds of identity development -and- thus the political identity of connectedness for young people. We use our project "GLOPOLINT" these Mentioned above as a starting point to make young people the issues of politics, democracy and the European Union into an exciting field of action. Therefore, we have a nine-day project for young people. This project is called GLOPOLINT, composed of the terms globalization, politics and interculturality. The project brings together 30 young people aged 16 to 21 from Austria and Poland from July 20 to July 28, 2015 in Salzburg together. The focus of the wishes and needs of young people, as well as the fun and motivation are to participate in this project. Each two supervisors are their group from arrival to departure and care during the program at the property. The property is located in Salzburg. The program and activities are supervised by professionals, educators (some aspiring teachers and teachers with pedagogical knowledge), leisure educators and experienced people. It is conducted in English. This project offers young people a varied daily routine with promotional activities, which provides a good balance between recurring units such as meals, excursions and targeted offers. Next to it is for the young people sufficient free time on: they shall recover, together make the Leisure and thus get to know better. In the proposed activities are in addition to cognitive information on democracy and participation and role-playing games, carried out in groups to be prepared plays and debates or discussions, which encourage independent critical thinking about the social, political issues. These pluralistic values, rules of participation and democracy are vividly presented, so that essential parts of life are. Through the tasks in group work, partly in individual work, the young people set apart to the topic, be aware of their own experiences, develop new patterns of behavior or even cause a change of mind. Cooperation and problem solving skills and the promotion of social relationships and skills are more essential elements for our choice of the educational concept of meaning. The self-developed plays they make productive something here related to globalization, politics and interculturalism in group work.
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