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Global-In Fellowship
Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At Global-In Fellowship (GIF), young people won’t just broaden their knowledge; they will learn life-long lessons and advance their leadership capabilities. During simulations concerning international politics, the participants will take on managerial responsibilities and be put in charge of solutions for international problems. Ergo, leadership ability and “social skills” such as rhetoric and interpersonal diplomacy will be interred. Simultaneously, GIF teaches theoretical knowledge workshops and hereby accomplishes a perfect balance between theory and praxis.! The project shall take place from August 2nd to August 22nd, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. The program is composed of three unique weeks, all with different topics covered. After a cultural program on the arrival weekend, the workshop-week begins. Four workshops will be held based on the following topics: politics, economics, media and law, as well as the rhetoric.! In the second week, a Model United Nations (MUN) simulation will occur. The participants will assume the roles of representatives of UN member states. In the Security Council and the Human Rights Council, they will draft solutions for actual, real-world problems. The second weekend is themed “National Socialism” and shall educate the participants about the Third Reich and the Holocaust.! The third week is a creation of the Global-In Fellowship: A simulation in which a world with three nations will be simulated. The political structures and the infrastructure have been destroyed. Our participants play the survivors with various characters that are pre- determined by the organizational team. Their goal is to rebuild the political systems in their countries and an intergovernmental organization. How and with what system? The participants shall decide those on their own.! The project involves 44 participants from eleven european or neighbouring countries. They are 16 to 19 years old and stand will be selected based on their interests in international issues, politics and diplomacy, as well as their involvement in their communities and societies.
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