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Global-In Fellowship 2015
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: May 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Twelve organizations from across Europe, the Middle East and the Maghreb have joined forces to foster international cooperation and youth participation. In cooperation, they have drafted the Global-In Fellowship, a European youth project, taking place July 3rd-23rd 2015 in Berlin. The program mainly aims to achieve following the objectives: increasing knowledge, aid in the development of soft skills such as civic engagement and public participation, strengthening of rhetorical skills and the development of innovative approaches to global questions. In total, a number of 60 youth will participate, with 5 each from the 12 partners. Four out of five will be 16-20 years old, with a final participant, between 18-22 years, acting as the coordinator of the country’s delegation. The four participants are to be chosen through what we call “half-open” calls for participants (i.e. individuals from outside the partner organizations are eligible, but the applicants must show an active will to become an active member of the partner organization). These “half-open” calls will be carried out independently by each partner organization. The profile of a participant is as follows: clearly motivated, knowledgeable youth with potential for growth and development, who have overcome or face personal – in particular financial, social, geographic or cultural – obstacles or disadvantages. They show a strong will to be, or become, an active part of civic society. In order to eliminate barriers to participation, we will cover all costs through the sought financial aid of the “Erasmus+” program as well as the support of local partners. The 3-week program is divided into three different parts. In the first week, participants together with trainers will increase their knowledge through interactive workshops on topics such as philosophy of law, history of economy, political systems and the European union. In the evenings, the program fosters rhetoric skills and the use of English language through practically oriented games and methods. In the second week the participants will apply their newly gained knowledge, competences and skills practically through a Model United Nations. Two or three different UN councils will be simulated, as e.g. the Security Council and the Human Rights Council. Herein, the participants will act as representatives of UN member states different from their country of origin, enabling them to enlarge their horizons of argumentation, in order to negotiate and solve actual, international conflicts (as chosen by the participants). A theme-day on National Socialism concludes the second week, providing an important understanding of German and European history. In the third week, an interactive simulation takes the participants into the world after a natural catastrophe, wherein all political structures are gone. In the fictional world, the participants adopt a new personality (self-designed in the preparations), and simulate “countries” (whose history and background is also self-designed). The simulation will provide a forum for finding solutions for problems of actual political systems, without current events hindering creativity. The participants are actively involved in choice of topics covered; while we propose topics ranging from climate change, democratic legitimation through online elections, founding of new states in an international public law context to legitimation and structure of international organizations (e.g. EU, UN, etc). The program is drafted and prepared in cooperation with all partner organizations and the participation of all participants on equal levels. Experienced participants will coordinate the countries’ delegations. These delegations will then be in charge of further developing the program. Within the context of APV meetings, the coordinators and other participants will discuss potential changes of the program with trainers and will implement these together. Coordinated by the applicant organization International Projects e.V. and the trainers, the participation of all participants and partner organizations in all stages of implementing and following-up upon the program, is assertively guaranteed. A participant’s profit from the program consists in particular in an increased base of knowledge, skills and competences. They will be on motivated and encouraged to create new projects and to actively participate in civic society and the partner organizations’ teams. In particular, participants are encouraged to support the local political participation in intercultural relations. A partner organization will highly profit from its involvement in Global-In Fellowship; the program helps connect them with new members and provide interesting experiences and conclusions which can be further used to implement other projects. Lastly, the international umbrella organization under which Global-In Fellowship is planned to function, will help to foster an international network of youth organizations.

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