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Global Boomerang
Start date: May 15, 2015, End date: Sep 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In a time of crisis like the present, many unemployed start a business because of necessity regardless of what the key factors when starting a business with future are. A common enemy of the entrepreneur is, paradoxically, excessive enthusiasm. But it's okay to fail in the first attempt or second or third. Experience in undertaking will help strengthen the following business. What are the key for a project to survive? First, launch into mount requires you to be able to create value in what you want to create and also identify exactly who will be willing to pay for what you create business. And third, we must be able to vehicular traffic to reach what we believe to who needs it. Global Boomerang is a project of Youth Exchange, Multilateral, we develop from 1st to July 9th, 2015, in Castilla y León, specifically in the province of Segovia, would participate in 52 aged 22 to 30 years, but their leaders, 6 countries: Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and Spain in which work is a priority issue as generating self-employment and promoting youth business or social initiatives. Global Boomerang, as its name suggests, proposes a shift back and forth between players involved in the project (partner organizations, participants, countries and communities of origin, etc ....) for the innovative work group, the combating exclusion because of unemployment, opening doors to creative, proactive and innovative thoughts much needed in crisis situations, which we serve to create more opportunities and conditions for young people in our desire to include us in the labor market in the model current or another in which we are able to think and promote. Especially intended to convey to the young participants in the exchange with own business ideas and those who are especially interested in the topic, which we believe are all the positioning of a brand or idea, is a key to development marketing communications effectively in the company, besides considering that it is based on perceptions and that these are developed from marketing communications to include the experiences of customers and word-of-mouth that brand generates. It is therefore essential to have a plan for positioning or repositioning of the brand. One of the star exchange activities is the development and implementation of mini project "6 IDEAS, 6 OPTIONS", in which young participants have to create "6 products or youth initiatives" involving a host of private and public initiative being balanced divide the workload on 3 private Ideas and 3 public or social character. The main objective is that the participant can see the differences between existing forms of self-employment between the two to be ideas for the private sector (ESSENTIAL brand positioning) and the Public (ESSENTIAL benefit resulting in the community). Besides the exchange will have the resources the following activities: Group Dynamics, lectures, presentations, Simulation Games / Workshops, cultural games and icebreakers, roundtables, exhibitions, Dynamics, meetings, cultural visits, cultural evenings of each country, entertainment activities and other proposals for future networking on the topic of self-employment and management of existing resources to achieve it. NFE, be made clear in the aims of education and personal development, linking them to the theme of the exchange. During the pre-development and then face Global Boomerang project, participants will learn to value our entrepreneurship and self-employment generator to address issues that will be useful for searching or creating a workplace, present a project (local-regional )-European-national or a viability plan for the creation of an enterprise; also learning techniques and forms, from experiences and examples worked in teams, from which undertake, innovate, create and generate entrepreneurial team spirit. Any city, town or community of people, organizations and receiving local governments of participants from different countries involved in this project are potential beneficiaries of the ideas, opinions and structures created here, since these same ideas capable of being implanted in those communities. The direct and indirect beneficiaries of the results will be the entities participating countries, local, regional and national governments in each country, the European Community and parents of young participants and family.

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