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GIVE - Guidance In Vocational Education for students in rural areas

Idea of the project was a result of recognising opportunity to utilise modern methods using social media for improvement of vocational knowledge. VET professionals use traditional ways of education which lowers effectiveness of learning process and does not allow to develop IT competences. Due to rapid development of Web2.0 services, and need for providing attractive and high quality learning content, a slow movement towards integration of learning systems and social media applications arises. Social media applications such as Twitter, blogs and Facebook are used more and more in our daily personal and professional lives. Educational institutions are becoming increasingly aware that such applications can be effectively integrated into their learning delivery systems but very few are actually using these applications to innovate their training systems and to offer more learner-centred services. [s: eLearning Papers Nº22, December 2010, EC]. Equipping VET professionals with skills allowing them to deliver knowledge with use of social media will provide attractive VET opportunities and encourage youth participation in learning process. Project general aims were to improve knowledge, skills and competencies of VET professionals working with youth living in rural areas, through creation of innovative multidimensional LMS platform with integrated social media, based on methodology of transferred CREIN tool. Aim was also to improve employability perspectives for VET learners from rural areas, to identify needs of employers regarding VET skills of youth in order to prepare actual training offer answering labour market needs. Consortium consisted of 6 partners from 5 EU countries. They were chosen in order to cover various sectors and geographical area. All partners had experience in EU projects and in VET training. Partners have worked together before, met to discuss the proposal and divided the tasks and responsibilities according to their expertise.The outcomes: Tangible – multidimensional LMS platform with integrated social media, content of e-modules, platform user guide, reports, plans, strategies. Intangible - better knowledge, skills in competencies of VET professionals regarding innovative IT tools usage for training, increased self-esteem of youngsters living in rural areas, better match of VET offer to the labour market needs, higher number of employment within youth at rural areas. Project had a manifold impact. It was for target group by rising their competencies. On the medium run, there was impact on all youth populations thanks to diffusion of the project. Objectives had been distributed to all the youth centres of participating EU countries through project partners and to specialised centres in social problems that youth in rural areas encounter. On the long run, whole civil society and businesses had benefit from results of the project through a better prepared educational offers and updated VET system.
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