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Give Competence a Chance. Transparency and Self-employment for migrant workers through Assessment Center

The issue of socio-economic integration of migrant groups, and improvement of women conditions in the Labour Market is a key challenges both at national and at EU level: these groups, even in a variety of forms, face problems as discrimination, lack of recognition of competences or even qualification, when presenting themselves in an foreign working context. Language problems, lack of knowledge of local needs, culture of work and social marginalisation are often additional obstacles to a satisfactory and successful integration process.GC AC pursues the following objectives: - Improve the quality of VET systems and employment services, by transferring an added value set of tools already experimented in similar contexts; - Support the development of local education, training and labour market active policies, by adopting an adapted and experiment set of tools, practices and instruments in the context of competence assessment and transparency, migration, weak target groups' empowerment; - Experiment and transfer a successful and integrated model, successfully experimented in Germany with migrant women, resulted able to support them within the insertion in the Labour market; - Improve the employability, or the labour condition, of final beneficiaries in the relevant territories-countries, through integrating the AC instruments and tools in the organisations concerned; - Have a detailed picture of Labour market needs, similarities and differences, and synergies in the concerned contexts, in order to plan tailored services and policies. The transfer is made of three components: (1) train of trainers seminars, (2) Assessment Center tools and methods; (3) E-platform for competence documentation and self assessment process, that will be experimented and tested within three different contexts (Center and Southern Italy, Poland) and transferred in four contexts (Center and Southern Italy, Poland, Romania), supporting the creation of stable Networks of professionals and stakeholders which represent a key factor for sustainability and impact strategies. Consortium is involving key public authorities in transfer contexts, experienced VET organisations, social partners. This composition will ease the transfer process and the expected impact on local, national and EU level, allowing a large scale involvement of relevant stakeholders, durable effects on labour markets and beneficiaries and the concrete possibility of stable adoption.
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