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Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A project named “SOUL OF ENREPRENEURSHIP” is planned by Nafiye-Hüseyin Küçükoğlu Institution of Public Education and Evening School of Arts. The main purpose of this project is to train the administers and teachers to be able to train the trainees, and by this way, to have the trainees gain insight about enrepreneurship cognition and skills. In this context, our 3 administrators and 15 teachers are going to attain the “Entrepreneurship” course at the course centre in Stockholm, Sweden. It is foreseen that these teachers will have had different acquisitions in their own field by the end of the course, moreover, they will both share these acquisitions each other and carry over them to their colleagues when they return. At the end of their training process, our teachers are expected to have had these acquisitions: a. The teachers will develop their key skills, b. They will have the self-confidence and knowledge to be able to use the new teaching methods in classes, c. Their foreign language skills will develop, d. They will contribute to prepare the qualified work-plans, e. The qualities of the work-plans, which are prepared and presented, will rise, f. The international cooperation will rise g. The teachers will learn the techniques that motivate the students in Problem-based Learning, h. As well as teachers, creative thinking skills of the students will also be developed, i. Assesement criteria will be devoloped in accordance with the skills of use the innovational and learner-centered pedagogical approaches, and learning outputs, j. Gaining an international vision will be encouraged, k. Actualising the opportunities of new partnerships and co-operations will be encouraged. All the staff attended the project will be responsible for widening the acquisitions of their training. Participants will organise workshops fort he purpose of leading the abstract outcomes gained by the end of the training process like knowledge, experiences, methods to concrete ones. A workshop will be organised about entrepreneurship for the teachers who works in the field of non-formal education. As a result of this, it is planned to rise asset of our institution the by the way of developing the skills of each trainees of our institutions. By the end of the project, both in the technical and in the practical means, it will be enabled that our institution will have reached the European standards. By the help of sharing about the training process in abroad and the studies in our country with the national press, these studies will be advertised. Moreover, the fame of our institution will be risen by announcing the news about these studies published in national press in many ways. As a consequence of all these studies, it will have been obtained the rise of qualified enterprises, enforcement and success of the qualified plans in our city.
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