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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The need of long life learning is caused by globalization, dynamic economy based on modern technologies, industrial revolution, easy access to the Internet and continuous changes within the society. New standards of teaching are created. The tasks of a modern school are to provide complex development, discover talents and decrease the differences in teaching level. These processes are impossible without teachers who are up-to date with modern technologies and speak foreign languages. It is highly recommended to provide school with modern equipment and work tools and to train the staff so that the school fulfills to international standards and requirements. This process is difficult in a small city where: the living standards are not high, access to extra-curricular activities is limited what causes that our students cannot fully develop their skills. Our school tries to be an international school of the 21st century. It happens through creating for students appropriate learning environment in which they can discover their potentials and talents, deepen interests, prepare them for the future family life, life within the society. All efforts are also oriented to eliminate the negative differences and create the environment favorable to achieve success. It is necessary: to find new solutions, techniques and methods which will encourage young learners to: learn new skills, make courses more attractive for learners and extend teachers’ knowledge of foreign languages and intercultural skills. Our teaching staff we is highly motivated and open for new challenges. We want to improve: the quality of school work and our students' educational opportunities, and wider the school offer. We want to learn about other ways of working with gifted and weak students in order to best explore their potentials. It is crucial for us to find answers and solutions for the problems which arise from the demands of parents, students and teachers. The problems are as following: the need to become a modern teacher who knows foreign languages and who is up-to date with the technological progress, professional burn out and the constant need to have personal development in professional work; the motivation of young people, education and qualifications on the way to the European labor market. Creating a "European School" - modern, open to other international schools and institutions, which not only teaches, develops interpersonal skills, socializes, and makes people aware of the problems but also introduces international standards and prepares for the job market and makes its graduates act as conscious Europeans. To become this kind of “European School” requires permanent upgrading of facilities, usage of a computer and ICT tools to achieve high academic performance. All these mentioned are the main areas of school development which we want to achieve. Preparations consist of language coaching and intercultural training what will increase the comfort of the stay abroad for all participants. It will allow teachers to move independently during mobility. We have also planned CLIL training. In the project will be will be involved a group of 9 and 12 teachers. The framework of mobility in Malta predicts job shadowing for teachers –observation of classes including different forms of work and communication; and the exchange of experiences through joint meetings and workshops. The language and informatics courses in Portugal will improve language skills and usage of modern tools to work in the school. All activities will be confirmed by certificates and the Europass Mobility. The project benefits: it will increase the skills on many levels (professional, linguistic, social) of the teachers, the exchange of good practices. This will allow the creation, strengthening and stimulating pedagogical and educational innovation. Working in an international environment challenges to share experiences and develop teaching skills and intercultural tolerance. It will also broadens horizons, break stereotypes, creates new opportunities. Very important is mutual assistance and support for implementation of the actions which are planned within the project. They will strengthen the relationships between teachers, what influence the improvement of working environment, and as a result, will be a remedy against fatigue and professional burnout. The cooperation gives the opportunity to share some thoughts, observations and skills among teachers and make place for constructive criticism. It will also help the teachers to understand the specificity of the vocational teaching in EU As part of the dissemination of the project the team will conduct: demonstration lessons, trainings, conferences for different groups of: teachers and members of local community in order to present the results of our project (establishment of school carrier center, lessons led with CLIL method) and materials prepared which will be available in the school media center.
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