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Gimnazijos valdymo struktūros efektyvumo didinimas
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Klaipeda Zemyna Gymnasium‘s (further-Gymnasium) vision is being a modern, high cultural, constantly learning organisation, well equiped with modern technologies, where not only equal learning conditions are garanteed for everyone but also quality education for a future citizen of Lithuania, who is able to learn new things all his life and make influence on the society. It is the Gymnasium, which is self- improving, planning changes and taking responsibility for the realisation of educational goals.In the 21st century schools are facing great changes, their work is influenced by various factors and new social challenges, such as globalisation, the rapid development of modern technologies, low birth rate, economical situation, moral values, based on freedom, democracy and tolerance. These circumstances force the school managers to revise the governing of the school, optimize the educational processes, so that the school can provide the good quality knowledge and educate honest and respectable citizens. This is not only financial matter. First of all the school has to consolidate inner recourses, be open to changes and overcome challenges.At present the governers of the school are considering effective ways of improving the quality of governing the school, having effective process of the data, which would help to use the human and material recourses hundred per cent. At present the principal of the Gymnasium has 146 functional responsibilities. It includes initiative, control and being in charge of strategic school‘s perspective as well as yearly or monthly planned activities. The principal is responsible for the rating of school, sanctions all the documents in the teaching process, keeps relationship with founders of the school, is in charge of the assessment comission and the Teacher‘ council, employs new staff, coordinates and controls the financial issues of the school. The principal assistants are also loaded with responsibilities. How is it possible to provide good quality service being so overloaded with so many duties?Despite the fact that school‘s staff are constantly improving their qualification in Klaipeda Teachers‘ Education and Culture Centre (KTECC), Sviesa publishing company educational centre, improving their knowledge on effective governing, improving quality, but they do not have any opportunity to experience up-to-date information from other countries. In the seminars of the educational centres mentioned above not only the lectors, but also the topics have been the same for years. That is why there is a necessity in our school for the personnel to improve their qualifications abroad, to participate in European projects, share experience with the schools from other countries and present the feedback in the community both school‘s or town‘s coming back from the seminars abroad. Being international is one of the priority in the strategic plans of the school, which is also pointed out in the teachers‘ meetings.The main goal of the project is to improve the effective ways of governing the school for the principal and the assistants.To achieve this goal Gymnasium‘s staff are going to the training courses to Spain and Italy.The principal, the assistant responsible for education and 3 teachers are going to obtain the knowledge of the adapting the LEAN system at school. This system is used in business, but step by step the method of effective governing is beginning to be used in state organizations as well as non-state. The purpose of LEAN system is to create a great value with less recourses ( in this case for the pupil) and gain competitive advance (to improve educational process at school). The essence of LEAN is: constant improvement, refusing unnecessary activities, without reducing the staff and projects and this methodology does not require huge investments.Our school‘s principal, her assistant and 3 teachers are taking part in the course “Effective governing of the school in the 21st century based on the systematic approach“. Participants will have a possibility to discuss nowadays challenges at school, the obstacles for the secondary education, trying to understand the systematic approach, used in governing the educational institution, what measures should be taken to gain the effective management of the school, methods of improvement of the quality of education.All the competences gained during the educational visits will be described in Europass certificates.As a feedback of the visit the community of the Gymnasium will organise the final event-open discussion for the directors of other Gymnasiums of Klaipeda town, municipality members and KTECC.The school believes, that project will help to improve the effective governing of the school. All the measures concerning effective governing will be included into strategic and yearly plans of the school and the affect of them will be assessed during the processes of general and self-assessment by managing staff and teachers.
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