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Getting together, to create something better!
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „ Getting together, to create something better!” proposed by School Center for Inclusive Education Arad meets the needs identified in the school teachers and students. This is a part of a county strategy proposed to meet human diversity, including disability, by removing barriers that prevent or limit the integration and participation of people with disabilities, making them more responsible for social life. The project is focused on terms of respecting human rights and freedoms under the principles of equality and non-discrimination in relation with other members of the community. The activities and the involvement of teachers and community desires normalization, accessibility, education and training for students/youth with special educational needs from School Center for Inclusive Education Arad, in order to improve quality of life, on the line of autonomy, security, dignity, decision and responsibility statement, an d on the other hand, to improve and to develop skills for teachers, regarding developed strategies on practical activities with students with special educational needs and to change the mentality of the young, by proposing a new approach to special educational needs. The project aims to integrate students into all fields of life. Educational objectives of the project aimes the two actors involved: the student/youth with special educational needs and the special education teacher. Thus, at the end of student/young-adult mobility with special educational needs will be able to: - To develop skills of personal autonomy by increasing self-confidence and interpersonal support; - To relate to society and the world in which they live through everyday life skills, nurturing capacities and skills for work to improve the quality of life through education skills; - To improve the occupational skills and specific skills required in the workshop in which is integrated; - To relate to students/young people with/without special needs to complete activities of daily life workshop; Following the experiences of practical-applicative activities, there is a need to extend learning beyond the school, in authentic contexts of life. This require development of professional skills for teachers who are working with this target group of students, such as stimulating motivation, implementation of new methods and techniques of European-type learning; professional and personal development will be assured through the following objectives: - To be able to point out the strengths and interests of each child and use them for internal motivation in the educational process for young people with SEN, to develop certain skills, abilities and practical skills necessary for a future profession; - To know how to set practical goals but differentiated, suitable students; - To be able to design workshops, enabling appropriate occupational manual methods, specific means and the optimal correlation of school pre-vocational activities and real life. This ability of the teacher enables all students to become members of the workshop, and the school will help them to develop and to prepar them for corporate training; - To know how to use a teaching style learnin based more on psycho-motor development activities than the intervention sitting in the chair. These proposed objectives meets the needs mentioned and found in the lack of support both in students initial education and in-service teacher training. The target group consists of 60 students with mild, moderate and severe mental disabilities, which will participate in vocational activities within the three occupational workshops based on manual abilities and 18 teachers who will participate in job shadowing activities in 3 occupational workshops. The project will run in six flows over a period of two years in Barcelos, Portugal.

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