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Getting Lost - and finding your way
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 30 Sep 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth from the drama group at Glenstal Abbey aim to create a theatre project with a European Youth Theatre, so that they can experience a different culture, share cultural information, have a wider range of ideas, work through the language barrier and improve their social skills and confidence. They contacted Loimaan Seudun Teatteriyhdistys ry and through e-mail and after round table discussions in each country both groups of young people developed their proposal for a trans-national youth initiative to develop entrepreneurial and social skills through drama. They will create a piece of theatre about 'Getting lost - and finding your way'. 12 participants from Finland and 12 participants from Ireland will communicate using the worldwide web to explore their ideas of how young people feel lost, in their own community and as European citizens and how they can find their way by working together towards a common goal. They will use stories from each others cultures on 'Getting Lost - and finding your way" as a springboard for ideas and allegories of social and political situations. They will work towards producing a play that reflects their ideas and meet in Ireland to perform their play to a the public, family and friends and invited audience . Each group will then continue working on the themes in their home countries with a new, informed intercultural perspective before meeting again in Finland to share their fresh performance with the Finnish audience and reflect on the added cultural, European dimensions. Having assessed and evaluated their learning from the experience both groups will work with a younger aged teenage drama group in their home country bringing to the group the best practice learned through the shared intercultural experience. Participants will be supported by the coach and their facilitator to evaluate how mentoring a younger group honed and shaped their competences and cultural awareness, they will then liaise through Facebook and working together to present their findings and best practice in a final seminar exhibiting their work in Glenstal to the public, youth workers, teachers, staff , stakeholders, young people and potential corporate sponsors. The Irish participants, with the support of two Finnish participants and their youth leader will host the seminar and disseminates the results of their project and promote planning new youth-led Erasmus+ projects. The project will have an impact that endures beyond its duration by promoting the active participation of young people in both organisations through the peer mentoring and sharing of best practice seminar , stimulating creativity and entrepreneurship throughout the organisations, encouraging strategy change and disseminating the seminar information on the web. The project will empower young people to be active agents for social change and give them an insight into how they feel about their rights and responsibilities within their own organisations as well as European citizens. The participants will increase their self-directed learning, disseminate information about non-formal learning benefits and encourage other young people, staff and youth groups to participate in European projects. The participants will gain a Youthpass and hope to have, 'better/wider connections across Europe", 'the ability to make life-long friends' and be inspired to learn from "the possibilities and interests' of each other. They will host a seminar to youth workers, staff, educators and young people that disseminates the results of their project and promotes planning new youth-led Erasmus+ projects. See a model youth theatre and emulate best practice
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