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Getting along in Europe

Getting along in Europe was a project, which goal was to create an awareness concerning the cultural diversity in communication and make the pupils realise the importance of mutual understanding within the European Union. Solving conflicts and modern technologies played an important role as well as general communication tools and gender differences. These goals were achieved in 7 smaller projects (meetings):Project 1: Getting rid of prejudicesProducts: Every country has a powerpoint presentation about the other countries, collages were made by every country representing their cultureProject 2: The perfect European communicationProducts: FILMS CREATED BY COUNTRIES OF THE PARTNERSHIPProject 3: Applying in EuropeProducts: European CV and European job applicationProject 4: Gender communicationProducts: QUESTIONNAIRES AND RESPECTIVE ANALYSISProject 5: Communication conflicts in the EUProducts: Creating a leaflet about European bullying rulesProject 6: Use of modern communication technologiesProducts: Graphic charts about the use of MCT and students art representations of the future classroomProject 7: Creating the European Communication GuideProducts: The European Communication Guide with all the results of project 1-7
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