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“Get your Bicycle, Drive to NObesity”
Start date: Sep 15, 2016, End date: Dec 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Konya42youth as a youth group we believe that all individuals and society should be vaccinated health awareness to achieve the expected quality of life in the rapidly developing. In this case we believe that the biggest barrier front of the youth health is obesity that is the most dangerous illness that WHO. explained. Obesity is a public health problem that develops depend on genetic, environmental and neurological reasons and it brings lots of chronic illness with itself. It is raising up undevelop countries also develop countries. With technological development effects, poeple start to move less. However, changes such as diet and lack of physical activity that can not be prevented in the style of some adversities in the prevalence of obesity in the world comes together. In 2008 there was more than 1,4 billion obes, but in 2015 there is more than 2,3 obesity person in the world. The situation same in Europa like other regions. There is More than 50% of the European population is overweight condition. In contrast, the European Union according to the proportion of respondents reported physical activity on a regular sporting activity in the EU member states in 2014, but it may well have been 8%. In 2009 this figure was measured as 9%. As a result of inactivity among the causes of obesity besides diet mistakes it is also an important place.with all of these reasons, in annual global cost of obesity is approximately two trillion dollars and this cost is closed to cigarette consumption, war, cost of guns for terror and this cost is more than global warming cost and alchol consumption. This situation shows that we need to take care about it. Although obesity is a global disaster, people are not have enough awareness about it. Therefore, we want to create awareness against obesity in humans and to organize the project to attract people's attention. This aims are directly related on with European Youth Strategy's one of the priority areas of Health and Welfare, healthy lifestyle and our project will support interculturel learning. We want to implement this project in Konya where take place biggest cities of the Turkey. The most important reason of the implementation of this project in Konya is that obesity rate is high in the Konya. Regarding to the Public Health Agency of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Office research, There is %32.9 obesity people lives in onya. Opposite of this Konya metropolitan municipality build approx. 300 km. way for bicycle drivers. But bicycle driver rate is low in Konya. With this project we want tcycling against obesity and to encourage the use of bicycles, with regard to obesity, so we want to increase the awareness of the public. Another reason why we choose our Konya with a population of approximately 1.2 million is not able to benefit enough Erasmus + of the opportunities. Our goals;To increase the awareness of young people and youth organizations in obesity,To promote social entrepreneurship in young people and organizations,To provide support to increase the participation of young people in sports activities,To prepare ground for the discussion of problems such as active aging, healthy life styyleHealth and welfare for young people at European level,To raise awareness about health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and active aging issues with using Creative methods and practical application for youth worker,To make a short film about healthy living and obesity,To promote the creation strategy to combat obesity campaigns,To improve cooperation and the capacity of young people and organizations,To support intercultural learning and support the development of employment skills with a focus on learning to learn,Erasmus + program in youth organizations and countries that have given support to the strengthening of communication between youth, to ensure the Erasmus + and increase the knowledge about opportunities offered by the National Agency in Konya and Turkey.Oru project will take place in Konya on 08-15 May 2016 with 37 participants, comes from Turkey, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Greece and Albenia.
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