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Get Well! 2015
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project was called to life to help youngsters to help young people better understand the term healthy lifestyle, to help them to better be able to socially accept each others differences and to be tolerant. It was called to life to teach each other how to better take care of yourself and others in terms of food and training. By effecting participating youngsters, we believe we will eventually effect everyone. Our project brought together 4 countries and 39 people in total. The people were from middle- to low income families and thus the fact that we tried to cover maximum amount of their expenses was very welcome. Main idea was to give youngsters a great experience that they would remember without them having to worry about the expenses. They also had to be interested in learning more about the subjects. Objective was to through bringing together many different cultures help youngsters better handle differences between them, to give that experience. Program of the project gave a chance for this through different group games and discussions. Youngsters also said they gained confidence through at times presenting in front of others. Second aim was to cover the topic of healthy eating. This was done using input from an expert who was a guide through the day and helped to analyse and prepare a healthy meal as a practical example. We also focused on budget training options. This was also done using outside input to firstly ensure the safety and also to teach proper technique because that is the most important part. The feedback from the youngsters for both of these was very positive and they loved the routine. The main activities were: group discussions during which the youngsters went through the topics of healthy lifestyle, budget training options and social inclusion; games in groups where they were able to present the game to each other and thus become more confident, bold and also to bond; cultural nights to get to know the many differences in the world and between the cultures and to get to know each other and the backgrounds; setting goals and afterwards reviewing them; cultural trips to nearby Padise monastery and Rummu career to show the nature and history of Estonia. The youngsters learned a lot about healthy and active lifestyle during the project, they improved their ability to emotionally calmly handle different situations to solve some misunderstandings. They got to know people from different cultures and became friends with many of them. It was surprising to all of the participants how positively everyone got along because they expected the cultural differences to block the communication. The result is gained experience, lifelong friends and knowledge for the participants. The impact of all of these on the participants is enormous. We ourselves gained a huge experience in organising such a complex project and we got to know that mostly the problems in the world are all the same. We all knew it intellectually experience it ourselves is something else. Some laws and cultural differences aside but the overall issues are somewhat the same. We gained more belief that we all need to work together and learn to help each other. Physical result is the movie that was filmed of the project week that we are able to now spread. The physical result is also the feedback we received from everyone who participated and also the bond we created during a short week. A long term plan is to call this format to life in another country in the future because everyone enjoyed it very much. If not next year then in 1-2 years.

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