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Get Moving to Europe
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Summary of the project Get Moving to Europe is a project focussing young people, NGO´s representatives and social workers who will discuss about the youth unemployment. Additionally, they will try to find an effective solution to that problem and some efficient possibilities to stop the social exclusion and the poverty among young people. Those actions will focus on the strengthening of the mutual solidarity between them and societies in which they live. The project aims at the creation of the equal opportunities for the youth and the fight with every aspect of their discrimination. What is more, the project focuses on the international dialog and mechanisms facilitating the abolishment of obstacles and at the same time enabling the young people with less opportunities to participate in the voluntary services like EVS. We are conscious of the necessity of new, more attractive and effective forms of fighting with problems influencing the quality of life of the youth who have economic, social or cultural problems. That is why we would like to bring them the possibility to take part in the voluntary service as a way of non – formal education. By that project we would like to show those young people the basic tools helping them to struggle with all the stereotypes and prejudices and enabling to improve their life despite of some socio-economic difficulties. The participation in the Youth Exchanges as well as their motivation will be the main factors enabling to create, among the local environment, the positive examples of young people who are able to escape from their marginalized areas. By the non-formal education, they will be able to learn how to be active citizens and leaders in their own social groups who know how to cooperate with the local authorities to improve the situation of the youth. ACTIVITIES Get Moving to Europe is going to join 68 participants from 13 different countries of the European Union during three activities focusing young people and professionals. 1. Advance Planning Visit Firstly, 6 leaders from 6 different countries will meet in Vic, Spain in order to plan the Youth Exchange initiatives. 2. Youth Exchange Secondly, 30 young people between 17 and 24 years old and with less socio-economic, cultural or educative opportunities will meet to participate in the Youth Exchange. They will constitute the citizens from 6 different countries (5participantes + 1 leader). We are going to focus on the range of possibilities of young people with less opportunities to participate in the voluntary projects as well as other actions focusing on the inter cultural dialog and active citizenship. 3. Seminary Thirdly, 26 NGOs professionals, social workers and politicians working on the youth field will participate in the seminary session aiming at the best ideas of the help to young people with less opportunities. The main objective of that Seminary is to work with a new Erasmus + Program (focusing especially on EVS) as a tool enabling those young people to improve their social and economic situation. Additionally, there will be a discussion focusing on the exchange of good practices and future cooperations of organizations. What are the results and an impact of the project? Get Moving to Europe will influence a radical change in the way of thinking of participants and organizations. The learning process will give them some tools enabling to create an inter cultural dialog and to fight with the racism and prejudices. It will also improve the civic compromise and enable the implementation of those young people into their own societies with capacities to become the agents of their own environments. During the Get Moving to Europe project, the young people will collaborate with different audiovisual materials which will help to promote the social inclusion, improve their knowledge of European projects and the Erasmus + Program and create a red of cooperation constituting a base of European projects focusing on the youth with less opportunities.
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