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Start date: Aug 20, 2016, End date: Dec 19, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Training "Get more social" aims to provide the necessary knowledge that will enable partner organizations to promote their organizations in media. Often we encounter the situation in which the organization has a very good projects, with an interesting theme and message, but many people do not know about that. Usually this is due to lack of knowledge enabling the organization to conduct the effective promotion. Precisely for this reason, the Association Youth Human Impact wants to organize training course, during which participants will learn methods and promotion tools, to be used by the organization in the future.The project will take place in October 2016 in Poznan and will last for 6 days. The participants will be youth workers and youth leaders from 10 European countries: Poland, England, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, Greece, Finland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, who deal with the marketing department in their organizations. With each country were elected four participants and the group leader.We want the promotion of the partner organizations to be effective, so that the results of their initiatives reach a wider audience. Participants will take part in workshops and plenary sessions, during which will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the positioning of websites on the Internet, creating media offer and other ways of promotion on the Internet, including the use of social media. The activities will be based on joint work in groups, workshops and exchange of experiences and good practices related to the issue of the good promotion. During the implementation will be conducted lectures on the promotion on the Internet, including social media and SEO (search engine optimization). During our training there will be held workshops on creating media offer, conducted by specialist in public relations and marketing, which will allow participants to gain practical knowledge and professional skills. The main medium on which we focus is the Internet, which is often used by young people to obtain information by it. Therefore, people working with youth should learn how to use the opportunities offered by the Internet in the field of promotion.To share the results of the project on the website of our organization and the partner organizations will be published articles describing our project. It will also be made available the press release announcing the project, to increase interest in the media and after the end of the project will be published the summarizing article . The promotion of the project will involve the media, which will exercise the patronage over it. The organizations participating in the project after returning will create a "PR in a nutshell" in the form of infographics, then make it available on their Facebook pages and websites.
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