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Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "Administrative Management in European companies II" consists on two activities.The first one will allow four students graduate in June 2016 to complete their training by performing a one month internship in Portuguese companies.The activities carried out in enterprises will consist in supporting the preparation and processing of administrative documents in departments such as Accounting, Human Resources, Comercial, Production, etc.A teacher will travel with them and introduce them to the teachers of the Secondary School, likewise he or she will go with them to companies, verifying in situ the start of the program and help them integrate in the new environment.The second activity consist on a training period in a Finnish company for a teacher during a month. The aim is to provide and apply new knowledge, to improve the English language and to adquire a real experience of working in a company and to keep in touch with the Finnish school.The resultsResults in the Secondary School- Less dropout in Intermediate course of vocational training (FP II) because we offer interesting opportunities- Increased interest and motivation which will improve final results- Our Secondary School provides opportunities to complete training in other countries- Knowledge of an European country and the enjoyment of this opportunity will lead to a greater awareness of the European project and the values of the EUResults in students- It will increase your understanding of the economic structure of a country and the administrative management in enterprises- It will mean an incentive to deepen the study of English and to continue their studies by taking the Higher Level (FP III)- Living this experience will lead them to improve self-confidence because they face a new environment. For some of them, it will be even the first time they go out from Spain and leave their family environment- More opportunities to find work- Mobility will be a source of personal and professional growthResults in teachers- As a result of the relationship with the Portuguese and Finnish Secondary School we will have seen new ways of organizing the teaching methodology and other forms of assessment that will cause a reflection on the teaching process and in some cases will mean changes.- Increased willingness to integrate best practices and new methods in daily activities- Improvement of English skills : writing and more fluent speech because it is the language with which we communicate to carry out the project.- They offer opportunities for students to improve their employability , reaffirming the value of teachers' work and encouraged him towards continuous improvement- The option of doing a period of internship will allow the teacher to apply her management knowledge, be aware of the skills and knowledge that the companies ask for, to convey a work experience to their students and department colleagues. In addition: to know how a company have relationships with their customers and providers in a global environment, how they add value to their products and services, what kind of documentation they use and how to organice the use of new technologies and social networking, etc.The expected impact- Increased number of enrollments and lower dropout- Extending the educational offer - More number of motivated students. Although only the best students have the chance of this experience, they will influence positively on the whole group- Teachers more satisfied and motivated with their work- Teachers with higher educational knowledge and economy- We are pioneers in these programs in the Administrative branch in our province and we'll be a role model- General impact: Increased value and prestige to teachingLong-term benefits- Higher quality teaching- Increased motivation and satisfaction in teachers and students- Improve awareness of the European project and the values of the EU
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