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Geschäftsfeldspezifische Qualifizierung für den Second Hand Sektor - "Fachkraft für Elektroaltgeräte"
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The focus of the project "QualiProSH Electro", which is implemented by 6 partners from 5 EU-countries (DE, AT, FI, SI, BG), is the development and testing of a new overall qualification "Specialist for old electrical appliance" for the rapidly growing business field "Recycling and ReUse of electrical appliance" in the European Second Hand sector. Against the background of Article 11 of the EU Waste Framework Directive (WEEE) and the associated legislation (promotion of recycling of products by means of appropriate actions) can be observed that with an increasing trend in many EU-countries "Repair and ReUse companies" for old electrical appliance are established. In addition to private companies mainly employment and training companies, as well as independent providers of youth work use this business field to employ and train young people with training barriers and long-term unemployed people. Because of a lack of a recognized qualification in this business field, their chances in the regular taining and labor market are limeted at present. Through the development and implementation of an overall qualification, which is based on quality standards and business field-specific work processes are not only created new skilled jobs for the employment field "old electrical applicance", but also the purpose of the EU-Agenda 2020 (creation of new jobs) is taken into account. Thus, competencies and skills can be acquired that will enable employees to find a job in other electrical professions, the field service and maintenance in the electrical trade, or the electrical trade in general, or to become self-employed in this business field. With regard to the target group of young people with training barriers, bridging times can be used (e.g. in vocational preparation) to acquire a specific qualification that allows them easier to entry into initial training in the occupational field "Electro". The qualification could be counted in certain circumstances to an initial training and training interruptions will be avoided. Furthermore, through the development of an EU-wide qualification the labor market mobility will be increased and the comparability of skills will be promoted. In addition, by the preparation of the qualification also for web-based teaching / learning, the learning flexibility (location /time independent) will be promoted and the EU`s call for modernization of VET will be complied on a methodological and didactic manner. In detail shall be developed in a first step based on the results of work process analyzes of the research project "QualiProScondHand" three business field- and subject-specific training modules (transport/storage, recycling/dismantling, repairing) and two modules to promote specific social skills. This is done according to the structure of the already in the previous project "QualiProSH II" developed business field overarching basic modules. Afterwards the five new specific modules as well as 5 of the existing basic modules (administration business processes, purchase of goods, acquisition of goods/customers, sales, organization of goods receipt) are summarized to an overall qualification, country-specific qualification concepts will be developed and the qualification will be tested with the target group and evaluated by using a tool for quality assurance. The objective is the sustainable implementation in the VET systems of the partner countries. In addition, a business field-specific assessment instrument (including a guideline) to identify the competencies will be developed and tested to determine the suitability of the target group for the qualification. So it can be prevented that, for example, young people/employees begin a qualification that they can not finish because of a missing affinity and suitability to the specific work processes and tasks. Furthermore, the core teaching and learning contents of all 10 modules are prepared for web-based learning including a guideline for the use of webninares to promote the modernization of VET, the learning flexibility and IT-compentencies. Finally, basing on the results of the testing and the previous project results, an EU-wide uniform overall concept/curriculum will be developed to ensure the transfer in non-participating countries and to ensure the adaptation to their VET systems. To promote the political discussion about the need of an official recognition of the qualification - also as a new profession - recommendations for implementation in the national VET systems and the financing of the qualification at the country level and the EU level should be developed. The development of the different products is carried out by means of VET scientific resaerch instruments and with the objective that the beneficiaries can use them easily and in a practical way.
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