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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

InWestern countries, the elderly population constitutes about 15 percent of the whole population.However, this rate consumes more than fifty percent of the admission to hospitals and forty percent of the health care resources. In Turkey this rate is about six percent.The average life expectancy in Turkey is estimated about 72,37 years(For men 70 years,for woman75 years). This situation defined as aging is a process which has physiological, psychological, economic and social aspects . Yet , in most countries the age of 65 is accepted as the retirement age and old age limit because of the demographic and economic reasons. But it's accompanied by a lot of pathological changes and chronic diseases. In Medicine the word ‘ geriatrics’ means "Old Medical". All over the world, including the issue of the health of the elderly, it is referred as old age science. In Medicine ‘Geriatrics’ is the science that includes scientific applications based on the targets concerning the protection of people’s health, prevention of diseases, enabling people to lead their lives without being isolated from society and evaluation of treatment in many ways in later years of life. Aging of population causes several consequents in economic and social areas. Aging affects the fields such as production-consumption, income distribution policy, family policy and social security policies, health policies, which the State's macro and long-term solutions must supply . The nursing students attending our school and the graduates from nursing colleges work in State and University hospitals. Graduate nurses work in a wide range that will cover nursing, patient care services, all health services offered in health institutions and organizations . Students of 11and 12 th classes perform their training in places such as hospitals, elderly care homes, physical therapy centers, etc. . With our project as the schools that teach nursing students how to treat patients in geriatrics , by establishing our Consortium schools we aim to have the nursing students who get their theoretical training at our schools perform their training abroad for three weeks and enable them to become qualified in their professions, observe health services in Europe and the latest devices and equipment used in the field of Geriatrics and also transfer the ones which are appropriate for them to our country Our project objectives; -To learn the EU standards concerning elderly care and rehabilitation services , -To also learn the required applications concerning social and psychological rehabilitation in addition to Physical rehabilitation -To get our participant students to achieve a specific perspective on this subject by having them join the project activities increasing the quality of life in geriatric patients , becoming better acquainted with this group of patients and fulfilling their specific needs . - The transfer of knowledge and experience about the European standards of geriatric patients care and rehabilitation To increase the quality and quantity of human labor in the health sector -To increase the quality of patients’ live-To ensure the dissemination of the acquired skills in the health sector by applying them - to contribute to the Development of Health professional education ,-To provide the nursing students which will graduate with the experience of training in host countries with innovative methods of geriatric nursing ,- To develop the professional knowledge, skills and experience of nursing students ' at EU level who will work in hospitals across the country/region in the Department of Geriatric care,- To enable the participants who will gain experience abroad to be employed in that field after graduating... etc.In our project , 14 students and a supervisor from the Nursing Departmentof 4 vocational and technical Anatolian High school which are consortium partners will do practical training in hospitals, elderly nursing home , companies and Foundations provide health education in Austria,Belgium,Hungary and the Czech Republic for three weeks in the months of May and June When our project finalized successfully * Participant students will transfer their professional knowledge/experiences by working in the field after graduation And also our students will improve the quality of health services by contributing to Geriatrics patients live healthily . *They will improve their foreign language and communication skills thanks to participating in cultural activities in host countries. * Participant students who will gain experience abroad will be employed in that field as qualified nurses after graduating. * Participants will develop their self-confidence through intercultural communication and international members of the profession thanks to their gained skills *The project will contribute to the development of the labor market in the areThey wil increase the awareness

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