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Geriatrik dönemde kronik hastaların evde bakımı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In our country, the rates of dependency in elderly have increased with along the increase in elderly population. One in every four elderly has a chronic disease. It is observed that they become more dependent for doing their daily life activities as they get older. Therefore, the home care services for seniors has become more important. The economic and social problems with regard to meeting the needs of elderly population in the areas of social services, social security and health shall become the basic problems of Turkey in near future. Within this frame, trained staff for caring the necessities of institutional care for elderly population is a must. To meet these shortages in our country, we start this project. The senior patients that are 65 and over and in need of chronic and long term nursing form the age group of home care services mostly. It’s a necessity to meet the need of increasing seniors population for long term care with home care services and to widen this across the country. After the trainings, geriatric rehabilitations shall be provided and it shall be ensured that a senior gets to the maximum independence level possible and performs the daily activities as possible as they can. The project shall progress within this topic to get a good home care service training and to meet the inadequacies in our county, our province and the country. The quality of senior care in the country shall be increased with such services as a good nurse care, medication, physiotherapy, feeding, dressing and support for social activities like shopping. The health spending for seniors in developed countries is high and the rate of ambulatory and medical services, hospital admittances and surgeries for seniors is higher than in our country. The planned trainings shall help our students to use them in their working field. Increasing senior survival rate in national international level shall demonstrate the efficiency of health services and it is going to create awareness among medical personnel and medical personnel candidates (the students) and the society. Updating the knowledge of geriatric home care service, refreshing pedagogical skills of medical personnel, target group, and practicing the information after seminars shall strengthen the professional competence of our teachers and increase the internship quality. It’s our goal that the students in Selendi MeslekiveTeknik Anadolu Lisesi and Sarıgöl Mesleki veTeknik Anadolu Lisesi, our consortium partners, observe the geriatric nursing care processes and gain skills as a result of learning geriatric home care service flow in Europe. Hence, we are going to have the opportunity to disseminate our topic in three different counties in our province, and to certificate our students so that they can work in different places in our country. 15 students chosen among 12th graders by elimination, 3 vocational teachers that are crucial personnel in the project and an administrator are going to attend a training program of 3 weeks. The mobility abroad is planned in three flows. Selendi Mesleki veTeknik Anadolu Lisesi is joining flow in Germany with 15 students and 4 teachers, Sarıgöl Mesleki veTeknik Anadolu Lisesi is joining flow in Portugal with 15 students and 4 teachers and Demirci Gevher Nesibe Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi is joining flow in Italy with 15 students and 4 teachers.
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