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Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

This project, which brings together geoscientists from universities, teaching training institutions, schools, museums and geoparks, aims to provide the European education community with advice, support, teaching aids, glossaries of geological terms and an interactive website/portal. The consortium will organise an "Interest research" on geosciences concepts and a "comparison research" on national geosciences curricula of the participating countries. Then, based on their results, it will propose a common "Framework on Geosciences literacy principles" for secondary education and teaching material (5 educational modules in order to teach the most principal concepts of the framework). Geology is an attractive science, whose laboratory is our EARTH, for this reason, we have selected "field work" as the main modules' methodology. What could be better than students being taught in this laboratory? Students will gain useful knowledge for their every-day lives, for the protection of our planet (holistic significance for the protection of environment) but also knowledge that can save their lives or the lives of others (in earthquakes, natural disasters, etc.). In order to test and evaluate the proposed modules we will bring the teachers and practicing geoscientists together in a variety of activities, including fieldwork in geoparks, exomuseums and geotopes as well as in museums and classroom. We will encourage teachers to generate materials to incorporate into the website, although we will strive to ensure the quality of all publicly available materials. The consortium consists of 7 partners from 5 countries Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Austria who have a long experience in Geosciences They are either scientists who carry out active research in geosciences and/or geoscience educators, who can best "translate" geosciences into language and learning opportunities that can be understood by teachers and students.
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