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The economical progress in our countries in Europe is depends on the industrial development. So we want to motivate young people to learn more mathematic and improve the abstract think of them.We want to show students relationship between math and real daily life. How the geometric structure in nature inspired the people to make the thing for daily using, architeture and engines. In our curriculum is the work with student and the partners for new teaching methods which made the difficult math knowledge comprehensible. Student can make the computers programs for math, physic and chemistry.During this project we want to learn about countries traditions and culture and also we want to point out to problems of racism and tolerance. The main aims are:- geometric and mathematical elements in art and architecture – comparision in our countries- mathematic aspects in sport- geometric structure in chemistry, physics, astronomy- historical aspects the development of mathematic in our countries- using the new computer technology in teaching math, physic, chemistry- elaboration and exchange tof methods and tools
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