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Geoinformatics: enabling sustainable development in Uzbekistan
Start date: Oct 15, 2012,

The main objective of the project is the development and implementation of a new university program in Geoinformatics to be offered on the second level (Masters) at Uzbek partner universities. The goal of the project is to ensure that Uzbek partner universities will have the capacity to offer a Master program in Geoinformatics that meets Bologna process, international academic quality standards, job market needs and support Uzbekistan in sustainable development. The project aim is to develop two cycle education in geoinformatics which implies modernization and development of a new Master program. At the beginning of the program a needs-analyses will be accomplished and the further curriculum development is based on the result of the analyses. The overall course definition is discussed by all the partners, and the general rules and templates will be set for an elaborated description. The curriculum and syllabus development is followed by development of the learning materials by the Uzbek partners .The testing and reviewing of the modules will ensure that it will meet the standards and the needs of the stakeholders. Meanwhile a teacher training process guarantees the quality and sustainability of the master program. In the partner institutions the installation of GIS laboratories and the acquisition of geodetic and GIS equipment will provide the Uzbek partners with up to date teaching environment. Part of the equipment will be jointly used in order to build the basement of network among students and faculties. After its accreditation the master course will start which will represent one third of the project time period. This program will qualify a new generation of highly employable students in Geoinformatics, and also contribute to structural and societal development.
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