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GENERATOR: youth audiovisual forum
Start date: 01 Aug 2012,

"GENERATOR: youth audiovisual forum", hosted by the NISI MASA association, is a trans-national youth seminar to take place during 3 days in Strasbourg, France, bringing together 120 young people (from at least 19 different partner countries) and youth leaders with experts and decision makers. The forum aims to be a stimulus for dialogue between young people and decision makers, and as a motor for concrete action both in terms of new audiovisual initiatives created by youth and for youth, and the development of youth policy in the audiovisual/cultural sector.Young people face increasing difficulties of unemployment, often feeling that their opportunities are limited and that they lack a proper voice in society. Alongside this, processes of "virtualisation" due to advancing technologies are changing modes of involvement in public life. Taking these two issues as a starting point for debate and strategy-making,"GENERATOR" will empower youth participation in social dialogue, encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and promote their active European citizenship. All of this through audiovisual creativity and trans-European NGO collaborations.The project will constitute a platform to shape actions that promote youth access to culture (including those from disadvantaged backgrounds) and encourage a proactive attitude of young people with regards to arts, creation and culture - with an emphasis on cinema & audiovisual medias as NISI MASA's centre of interest. To achieve its aims, the forum will include a range of different activities, including: plenary debates, presentations, one-to-one meetings, group workshops, screening/Q&A sessions and a project fair. The results, strategies and conclusions of the forum will be published in the form of an e-book, DVD and official website.
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