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Generations of Participation
Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

Generations of Participation is a Transnational Youth Seminar aiming at mainstreaming good practices in ‘youth participation’ existing within the Worldwide Don Bosco Movement. Over 170 years people of all ages have voluntarily participated in educating young people to become active citizens. The educational system of Don Bosco on which this learning process is based, was created against the political background of the formation of the state of Italy. Don Bosco Youth-Net ivzw translates this educational system to the present political context of the formation of the European Union.Once our young people reach adulthood they are active in all sectors of society (educational, social, political, economical, juridical, cultural). In the past many of them decided to combine their adult life with an ongoing voluntary engagement within the Don Bosco Movement. Amongst the current generation this tradition has faded. This project will set-up an intergenerational dialogue between young volunteers, older volunteers and policy makers. Young volunteers will be interviewing the older volunteers about their life-long engagement. At the seminar the interviews will be used to identify good practices. The participants of the seminar will have discussions with policy makers from the field of EU youth work and from the Don Bosco Movement. Through this process we want to create a cross-fertilisation where our young volunteers are stimulated for a life-long engagement, where the older volunteers are stimulated to think about bringing their voluntary engagement on EU level, and where policy makers are stimulated in creating the right framework for such a life-long engagement in working for the young.Generations of Participation takes place at the Salesianum in Munich, 8-11 March 2012. It will bring together 26 young people from 13 EU member states (AT, BE, CZ, DE, ES, IRE, IT, MT, NL, PL, SK, SI, UK). DBYN’s pool of trainers will facilitate the meeting.
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