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Generations in Action - The Role of Intergenerational Learning for Active Ageing (GoAct)
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

The EU is faced with the prospect of a population that is getting progressively older. Many policy-makers, social insurance organisations and the general public associate with ageing pains and nursing cases. However, old age must be regarded not as an illness but as a highly complex progressive process requiring a new approach to social inclusion. The project partners are planning to raise the awareness on these potentials and to change the attitude towards ageing. For this purpose they have identified two strategies: to increase the scope of personal experiences in intergenerational learning arrangements and to intensify the information on the topic towards stakeholder and the general public. The project “Generations in Action – The role of intergenerational learning for active ageing (GoAct)” will bring together experts, decision-makers and umbrella organisations from the fields of education, medicine, employment and sociology during workshops and the GoAct conference on 29./30. April 2013 (DE). During this event the participants will exchange knowledge, methods and good practice for intergenerational learning and discuss the draft of an intergenerational education plan that will provide a guide how to raise awareness for ageing topics among the younger. Moreover the conference participants will work on new intergenerational learning arrangements. The second strand of activities of GoAct concentrates on the: journalists will accompany the preparation and execution of the GoAct conference, conduct case interviews with persons in different intergenerational learning situations and arrange for good coverage of the topic and the project events in the European media. The GoAct project will impact on European level through the conference with 250 participants and the initiation of the GoAct network with follow-up activities as well as through the good media coverage in at least DE, FR, UK, PL and IT.

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