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Generation Y : from I to We and Us to Me
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Born between the early 1980’s to the late 1990’s, Generation Y, also called the “Millennial Generation” is grown up. Being in a constantly changing society while living with the Peter Pan syndrome, the generation is perhaps the most controversial so far. Grown up at the same time as technology, computeering and social media, they are also developing alternative ways of living, communicating and consuming. Gen Y has been called the worst generation, the generation going no-where, the lazy one, generation frustration, generation too-much and so one. But where does-it come from? Who are they in reality? What do youth from Generation Y actually want, and how do they want to tell it?People belonging to this generation are actually becoming the most represented work force in Europe. But how can they, at the same time, be the passive generation and the most powerful? As a group, the generation is the generation that broke the silence, the generation willing to find a way in rapidly shifting contexts. But looking closer, it seems that individuals have very diverse challenges, expectations, hopes and fears. So how do they find their own identity in this totally controversial group? Who are they? How are they communicating? Exploring and creating? Who are they individually, how are they gathering? This youth exchange has the purpose to explore who, as individuals, compose the Generation Y. Exploring the diversity, the challenges, the values that youth want to highlight and their vision for the future. To understand the unity and the diversity of the Generation Y, to make youth express themselves and look at each other’s, we will use media and video as tools. It seems that technology and youth nowadays are closely interlinked, and we want to catch this opportunity to raise awareness about their generation. We want Youth to use media as a way of communicating, creating bridges between cultures and generations.The idea is to use storytelling as a technic to go from personal stories to the story of a generation. To make Youth speak about themselves, their own stories, memories and understandings. The Youth Exchange will be organized following 3 main phases: Reflecting, Creating and Demonstrating. During the Reflection phase, participants will think individually and as a group about What is Generation Y? Where do I personally stand? What do I/we want and what do I/we want to change? The Creation phase will be the moment when people will have the opportunity to practice: filming, interviewing, telling their stories and so on. They will receive some basics technics in video, interview and storytelling fields that will help them to create a final video product. They will be able to express, through images, their expectations and ambitions for the society they live in.The Demonstration phase will be the space for them to present to a public the productions that they made: they will have the opportunity to project their short movies in a theater. Objectives of the project :- Define the characteristics of Generation Y- Help young people to reflect on their own stories, on their position in a group and on the acting power of a generation- Reflect on the changes youngsters want to see in the society, and the impact they want to have as a group- Develop media tools which can be used by the participants back home in their organizations/communities- Raise awareness of the public about the specificity of a generation and the need of understanding each other’sMethodologyThe methodology (non-formal education, storytelling, discussions) and the structure of the exchange will encourage an active involvement of each participant in order to develop competences and new tools for a personal and social development. Non-formal education tools will be used to create a friendly and attentive atmosphere, considering each participant in his or her diversity, personality and culture, so that each person can feel free to express him(her)self, share his or her experiences, teach and learn from the others. Artistic workshops and basic video tools will permit to the youngsters to discover new ways of expression, encouraging their creativity and ability to create collectively, and to gain in self-confidence.
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