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Generating Research projects through interaction between ACademia and Enterprises
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

The overall aim of GRACE - Generating Research projects through interaction between ACademia and Enterprises is fostering Multistakeholders co-generation of research projects combining various techniques and approaches such as goal setting creativity techniques, diversity management, cross-sectoral and cross-cultural negotiation, in an open innovation perspective. Its specific objectives are:- to investigate the state of the art of actors, projects and converging/non converging current streams of research in relation to the organisation and management of collaborative relationships between universities and firms, as well as methodologies and innovative practices supporting the multi-stakeholders generation of research projects- To increase the awareness and the capacity of European enterprises, Universities, research intermediaries, user representatives and stakeholders about the need of promoting creative co-generation of research projects- To develop an approach for improving the research project generation process involving the afore-mentioned stakeholders- To test and validate the proposed approach by theoretical and practical sections covering all the different phases of the research project generation process and explore its transferability potential- Create a platform for dialogue for all those aiming at promoting dialogue between universities and industries, i.e. a stakeholders' roundtable aiming to facilitate and support networking and collaboration among existing initiatives into universities, European and international projects along with a significant effort to involve organisations dealing with technology transfer.

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