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Gender Equality and Diversity Planning at workplaces

The project is designed to address the need for qualified gender equalityand diversity (further in text – GED) consultants at workplaces. Thedemand of integrating this innovative qualification into VET system risesfrom necessity to implement EU directives No. 2002/73/EC and2000/78/EC, which encourage employers in the Member States topromote equal treatment for everyone in the workplace in a planned andsystematic way. Despite some fragmented good initiatives inimplementing GED planning at workplaces, none of the partner countrieshas well-functioning framework of training facilities in their VET systems,ensuring preparation of in-house GED consultants at workplaces.Therefore, this project aims to develop an innovative solution in VETsystem by introducing new institutional settings and practices to ensureeffective and systematic implementation of gender equality and diversityplanning at workplaces. In order to achieve this aim, project consortiumwill develop the State of Art Review to define the possible ways ofintroducing the new qualification of GED consultant at workplaces to thenational VET systems. This report will facilitate development of theEuropean framework of GED consultancy at workplaces model, which willcreate the basis for integration of innovative professional profile ofqualified in-house GED consultant into VET systems. Quality standardsfor implementation of GED planning at workplaces will be developed andwill contribute to creation of outline training curriculum and innovativetraining programme for provision of qualification of GED consultant atworkplaces. The pedagogical strategy of this training program will bebased on blended-learning approach for e-learning-conduciveworkplaces, which will allow trainee to apply acquired knowledge straightaway within his/her working environment by developing and implementingthe GED plan in consultation with co-workers. Quality of the developedoutcomes will be assessed through pilot sessions, organised by trainersprepared during the project, in all partner countries. The disseminationplan includes information campaigns for stakeholders, including sectorialemployers’ associations, use of website and leaflets, as well asorganizing cooperation seminars and round-table discussions in partnercountries. Valorisation will be ensured mostly through the network ofassociated partners, including ministries responsible for GEDimplementation in partner countries, who will inter alia be invited to theinternational seminar and conference. The envisaged impact concernsintroducing innovative training for GED consultant at workplaces into VETsystems. This will ensure transfer from fragmental implementation ofGED policies at workplaces towards effective promotion of equaltreatment of all employees at the workplace in a planned and systematicway via prepared human resources.

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