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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The EU Harmonization Process of Turkey has brought so many changes in distinct areas and has necessitated the global cooperation based on the use and the accessibility of information. Although, upskilling via workshops / practices, as the indispensable part of the vocational education, would be tried to be given effectively, current technical equipment is insufficient compared with the renewing technology. During the internship process, as the obligatory part of the gaining the ability of practice, the students are used in the drudgery works and are not allowed to use the equipment/machineries. ‘’Erasmus + Mobility of Students having Vocational Education’’ program will give us an opportunity to compensate this deficiencies. Our project has prepared for the students educated in the departments of Electrical-Electronic Engineering, Chemicals Technologies and Information Technologies and aims at contributing the employability of the students by settling the current issues about the related sectors as the training concepts. 3 courses including the training activities of our project which are counted below have been chosen by determining the ability deficiencies, potential business statements in the sector and employment. Our project will occur between 06-07-2015 06-07-2016 and the total number of students is 45, the number of companion is 6. Two companion teachers for each three mobility of student in different countries will accompany. Our project will be organized by the project team formed in our school. With our project: - Fifteen students in the department of Electrical-Electronic in the solar energy facilities on the ‘’The Installation of the Measuring Equipment and the Establishment of Control Systems’’ in Germany (Stadtwerke Wanzleben) - Fifteen students in the department of Chemical Technologies in the production of medicals on ‘’Good Manufacturing Practices’’ in Italy (Istituto De Pace) - Fifteen students in the department of Information Technologies on ‘’Dynamic Programming on Advanced Internet Application’’ in Portugal will be educated.(Inforcavado) The primary goal of our project is to increase the ability of our students in vocational education so as to provide our students taking part in the market actively. Our the biggest anticipation with this project is becoming our students having a vision, having a higher ability in empathy and communication by contributing in their personal and linguistic developments. The special goals of our project are: - To contribute in the ability of the development of English language. - To help their personal developments in their identity formation period by gaining both cultural and visional meanings. - To provide them the consciousness of being European. - To provide the ability of self-expression in a better way by contributing the developments of their social skills. The participants will be chosen among the skillful students and their grade point averages will be our determinant component. By this way, both the students, successful and open for improvement, will be presented the opportunity to develop themselves more and the existing achievement of them will be awarded. The students whose personal and learning motivations increase will perform their job successfully and in the long term, they will become our pride in the sector. With the period of living in abroad without their parents, the students will feel themselves able to tackle with the problems they face, which leads to contribute in the development of self-confidence and to make a step in line with being an individual. This period, also, will serve the gain of inter-cultural ability. The student whose inter-cultural ability improves will gain the ability of empathy and will respect the different cultural values. Our institution, Mehmet Rıfat Evyap Vocational and Technical Anatolian High Scholl, will take place at the first time such an international project and will carry its cooperation with the schools and business at the transnational level. With this project experience, our Scholl will produce new ideas for participating in national and international projects, and will improve its facilities. The EU Countries with its multi-cultural structure will find a chance to meet our culture via our students. In this period, the environment of healthy communication with the EU States of our partners will be occurred, which leads to demolishing of the mutual prejudice.

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