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Start date: Aug 20, 2016, End date: Aug 19, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our institute is planning to apply for a membership to Turkey Environmental Education Foundation Eco-Schools Program in October 2016. After the membership, our institute will entitled to the award of green flag if it can conduct a successful environmental management study. Within the scope of this program, there will be studies to increase environmental awareness of all personnel and students in our institute.By combining Eco-Schools Program which has the qualification of local project School Education Personal Mobility Project which has an international qualification, it is aimed to strengthen our study for increasing environmental awareness. In this context, the personnel of our institute need to learn about, examine and observe courses related with sustainable environment education which takes place in European Countries’ curriculums, approaches, models, tools and materials. Also, the students need to practice on these subjects in order to understand the importance of sustainable and efficient usage of natural resources and gain environmental awareness.Within the scope of our project, the subjects of waste-garbage, recycling, effective and economical usage of energy, effective usage of water resources, ecosystem and substance cycle, consumption habits causing waste will be approached.16 participants consisting of administrative staff and teachers will have information and experience on the field about teaching/method/approach related to the management of sustainable environment in the foreign institutes in Germany at EU standards. They will try to integrate the knowledge and the experience to be resulted 2 weeks of education, observation and examination activities into the conditions of our country. In addition, the participants will ensure the management of Eco-Schools Program in a more qualified way with their knowledge and skills about environment management they will gain in EU dimension.Within the scope of our projects, the skills which participant teachers will gain in the foreign institutions in Germany will contribute to meet determined needs. These contributions will be as the following:For Educators:The followings will be ensured,- To give environmental education learning by integrating multiple sensory organs in the learning process and to make them learn by doing and experiencing.-By enhancing their knowledge and skills about ecology, to organize activities such as planting trees, observing the growing of trees effectively.- To have knowledge and skills about the management of school’s environment boards and the recycling bins,- To be able to organize bazaars and exhibitions for management of sustainable environment with the help of collaboration between school and family. - To create gardens for growing products (tomatoes, peppers, lemon, orange, tangerine, lettuce etc.) in our school of which garden is available and to make students taste the pleasure of producing.For students:The followings will be ensured- To recognize the nature and to understand the relationship between nature and living things existing in the nature.- To take measures for the preservation of the natural balance,- To recognize the impact of human activities on the balance of nature,- To be aware of that the continuity of the substance cycles should be ensured to protect the natural balance- To understand the importance of the continuity of substance cycles for the life,- To establish a relationship between the natural substance cycles and human’s production and consumption activities.- To take responsibility for the protection of nature,- Firstly to reduce waste generation and to believe in the necessity of recycling of waste has to be produced.- To understand the importance of sustainable and efficient use of natural resources,- Recognition of global environmental problems, take responsibility for the prevention of these problems,- To be aware of the need of maintaining a clean environment for future generations,- To establish the relationship between sustainable development and sustainable use of natural resources,- To have an idea about having a recycling technology For our institute:- The cleanliness and order of our school will be sustaining,- Water and electricity savings will be provided by the hands of students,- The school will be owned by the students,- The school will be a model for other schools in the region where it is located,- The school will become known locally, nationally, or even internationally.
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