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Gelecek Eğitimle Gelecek
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school was founded in 2002 in Acarlar,which is 12 km far from our city,Aydın. In Acarlar 10.600 people live.There are 70 pupils in our school in the second term of 2014-2015 educational year. In our school the percentage of early school leaving from the first term to the second term is 57%. Comparing the percentages of European Union countries and other schools in Turkey this percentage is highly over.Although we have less pupils, we have been going on teaching in order to prevent early marriages and early school leaving.Most of our pupils are busy with farming and selling their products.Growing up in an obsolote area, our teens have been struggling with economical and social problems like early school leaving,early marriages and working at early ages. These conditions cannot be acccepted in the modern world.People in Acarlar don’t give importance to the education as a result of difficult living conditions,uneducated people around and old traditions.This problem has been in Acarlar for many years.Early school leaving,irregular attendances at school and early marriages have reduced the quality of education in Acarlar.We mainly see this problem as stolen future of our pupils and being stuck them into the undeveloped society.As teachers we believe that the only solution for this problem is education.As the first condition of reaching the standarts of modern civilizations and developing our society as a whole , the quality level of education must be increased and early school leaving must be prevented in Acarlar.We strongly believe “BETTER FUTURE COMES WITH BETTER EDUCATION”. In our school we have been running our local project called “We are here,too” This Project was awarded as the second of Turkey in the competition of “Total Quality Management System(“TKY” in Turkish) held by Turkish Ministry of Education.We’d like to add transnational knowledge and experience to our project “We are here,too” So we joined in the course “Coaching for reducing the level of early school leaving” with 6 teachers and 1 director or deputy director. Our participants can speak English and also they’re innovative and sociable . They are in the team of school development and management.As a main activity of our project,the participants learnt stress controll,developed skills of communication ,emotional freedom techniques and psychology of energy techniques.They had more transnational knowledge,skill and experiences. After joining in this course nonformal teaching methods were applied in the lessons and coaching system was built.With the help of our project we, *helped our pupils gain new insights * helped them form their future in a positive way * prevented early marriages * increased the number of educated people in our country and Europe, and find solutions for unemployment * grew up active European citizens * increased the awareness of European cultures * promoted colloboration between teachers * provided corporate culture on taking advantage of professional development programmes Gaining experience and knowledge on war against early school leaving, recovering from the burnout syndrome, gaining experience of transnational experiences of European collegues who have the same problem-early school leaving and improving communication skills in foreign language are the impacts on the participants. Disseminating different approaches and methods, gaining the awareness of European cultures and internatioanalisation, providing corporate culture and developing the cooperation between transnational institutions are the impacts on our school. Increasıng the motivation towards the lessons , taking the advantages of more interactive and amusing lessons,reducing the level of early school leaving and irregular attendances and increasing the level of studying at the universities are the impacts on our pupils. For the dissemination, the participants presented a report to their collegues at school, and then to the other collegues in other schools in our city about their knowledge and experiences after joining the courses. We published news about our project on the websites of our school,our Directorate of National Education,The Governorship of Aydın European Union External Relations Department.Local press and media were informed.We presented our project with the visual materials like posters. The pre test and post test were applied in order to define whether the project had been doing well or not. We made table of statistics comparing the percentages of early school leaving and irregular attendances before the project and during the project. As a result, we found better and more lasting solutions to preventing early school leaving,which is one of the crucial aims of our school, our country and Europe.

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