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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project in which we set off with ‘’Our Future is Our Girls’’, is prepared for our girls. Our main object is to contribute tou our girls’ occupational retraining. With our project; 15 child development students will get education on ‘’PORTAGE the way of supports on early education in the ELTERNINITIAVE KINDERNEST E.V foundation where it is in Germany between the dates of 17.01.2016-30.01.2016. 15 clothing technologies students will get education on ‘’Modal Explorations&Method of Artistic drawings in the VOSONSPO foundation where it is in Czech Republic between the dates of 0+6.03.2016- 19.03. 2016. 15 information technologies students will get education on ‘’SQL Database Design’’ in the AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE BARCELOS foundation where it is in Portugal between the dates of 01.05.2016-14.05.2016. The social disparity problem which is discussed in recent years as a part of employment and education politics, makes the education much more important which is given in girls’ vacational schools which is placed in the concurrence of these two politics. Our schools are seen as a solution tool to make our girls get used to schools and to make them join to labor market easily. As foundation, with the requirement of our mission, We have presented our project with the aim of bringing new aspect to our available education system. With the help of our project to our participants; They will join the labor market easily, They will gain self confidance with their improved qualitifications, They will take a big step which will carry them to another level for specialization, and they will be blocked from heading for different segments, They will comprehend the necessity of language learning and their languaga abilities will improve They will be provided to become more sensitive and conscious citizens by recognizing different cultures. By recognizing their jobs with European dimensions, they will be able to re –evaluate their future expectations and make career plans. With the help of joining the labor market, both regional and national development will be supported. Our project will help destroying the tabu in which girls don’t study, girls don’t work, and will contribute to our girls to get education. Our project will be carried out with tranparency and fairness with a team consist of school workers. The contact between us and foreign partners will be provided efficiently and to create awareness about our project, especially expanding facilities will be noticed. The content of project education are determined by our teachers by considering the needs and the expectations of the sector. The education process in the Europe will be 2 weeks. This process will be enough to give all the contents to students and they will not draw back from their available education and schooling. Our child development students will take education on PORTAGE the way of supports on eary education in Germany. In this field, this topic is quite new in our country and our students will discover altenative methods even they will have a chance to be able to specialize in this field. Portage education package is aneducation programme which help evaluating develaopmantal abilities for pre-school kids (0-6 Age) and prepare a suitable education programme for their needs. With the help of feasibility to all cultures, it became a soluton way for supporting children in terms of education. With this different technique, comprehended by child development students, their chance of finding job will improve and with their knowledge they will bring different point of view to their foundation on early education period. Also they can recognize the students who need special education and they can make creative sugggestions to complement the deficiencies on their developments. Our clothing production students will experience important things in the way of fashion designing wit h the help of the education where they take in Czech Republic. This job whic needs cultural knowledge and artistic approach, our students will have a chance to make observations in Europe which is called the heart of the fashion, and by observing the differences, they will have confidant and quality line. In the field of artistic drawing works which force the horizon of the clothing designs quitely, they can improve their techiques and they can make modal explorations efficiently by using the education taken in Europe as a referance. Our information technologies students will take education on SQL Database designs in Portugal. In hospitals,school, companies, stores,banks almost anywhere databases are used. Students’ knowing the concept of database very well will improve the quality of the work they do and they will improve their employment opportunities. The students who can make this designs can prepare a web site or random software and he/she will expand the range of opportunities in the process of looking for job.
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