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"Geen slapende honden wakker maken... of juist wel?" Seks en relaties in het curriculum van het bijzonder onderwijs
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The right for all youngsters to develop a sexual identity and to live a healthy sexual life, is a fundamental right. Evenso if the youth we are dealing with have mental or physical special needs. Each pedagogue has the responsability to take care of this aspect of education. Within our secondary school for special education (BuSo Heemschool 2, Brussels) we try to accomplish this need, but not without going through many difficulties. From the organizing educational institutes, who have to facilitate this education, to the dayly practise in class, we live through a lack of recognition and support. Within the overall society we experience denial and behavioural escapism for sensitive and complex subjects such as sex and relations. Pedagogues do not provide us the latest methodologies and appropriate didactic materials we need for relational and sexual education. We do not find the correct “tone of voice” to interact with the growing number of parents and pupils from other cultural backgrounds. Happily there is our target group of youngsters with special needs - aged between 13 and 21 years old – who are enthousiastic and live through a positive transfer. It is here we find the motive to engage in a project to upgrade our teaching subject of relational and sexual education. Our goal is to provide the right course and schooltraject for each pupil in need of relational and sexual education (regardless his developmental stage, his mental or physical problem, or his cultural background). We selected a team of five teachers out of each school department (paramedic, ortho pedagogue, teachers from different special needs groups). The activities that will lead us to our goals, go from training in methods, didactics and communication (via congresses, discussiongroups, expert interviews) to jobshadowing for lessons and parental meetings. In preparing the projet we discovered colleagues in other European countries experience identicle difficulties. We want to learn about their insights, their experiences, the methods, techniques and materials they use to build their lessons on relational and sexual education. Once we acquired insight we want to evaluate the knowledge and relate it to our schoolvision. Afterwards we want to translate to actions within class and in communication with parents. Our yearly “studydays for teachers” will be used for formation of the pedagagogical team (reduce diffidence, integrate sex related needs into individual educationprogramms, curriculum). In order to make parents confident with the content and learning goals we will organise “open class”moments. This will maximise the tranfer of the learning traject we foresee for the individual pupil. By working together closely with Sensoa (Belgian knowledge center for sex and relations) we hope to expand our results further to other schools and institutions. The EPOS digital platforms wil open our results to colleagues beyond our country.
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