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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Against the backdrop of today's economic crisis, youth unemployment, still remains one of the main problems in our society. In most EU countries, including Spain, a large percentage of young people suffer from this problem. Here comes the "GASTROEUROPE Generation" project that has sought to develop within the new guidelines Erasmus + and the growth strategy 2020, as an opportunity to try to change from local this global problem. The project consisted of a seminar that impinged directly on the main agents related to young people, / as youth workers. This initiative aimed to provide a process fraught with "milestones" and meeting spaces, discussion and exchange of ideas, tools and resources around youth employability in the field of cooking and gastronomy. The "GASTROEUROPE Generation" project is a project dedicated to the idea of ​​getting good references of projects using cooking and gastronomy as a means of employment for young people. The aim has been to bring together related to youth and youth workers from 7 countries in Southern Europe to reflect and share best experiences of youth employment in the culinary field agents. The project consisted of a seminar. He participated in 7 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia), 4 participants from each organization, 28 participants in total, of which two facilitators, were local. The seminar took place between 7 and 13 October in Zarautz - San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa), Spain. This part of Spain is well known for the high level of cuisine, specifically San Sebastian has many centuries of culinary development and has its own University of Gastronomy in the city. An excellent framework for thinking about different experiences of youth employability landed in the field of cooking and gastronomy. We carry out this project in order to collect in Southern Europe, projects and experiences that give us clues to advance good practice to employ young people in this sector. The reasons for a seminar came motivated by the number of requests received by our partners. When making the dissemination and partner search we find a high number of requests from many countries interested in participating in the project. More than 30 organizations from many European countries have applied for this project. In order to extract the most from the experience and good practices and youth workers in this sector, it was selected organizations with more experience to this project. Our objectives were: - Provide workers / youth as agents and youth-related spaces for meeting, discussion and exchange of ideas, tools and resources around youth employability in the sector of gastronomy, through a methodology of non-formal learning. - Collect each project, practical and useful experiences that lead to / participants to understanding and motivation to take ideas into action and local projects for youth employability through gastronomy tool. - Encourage / as youth workers to switch on / youth as their behavior towards their employability. - To promote cooperation and networking between institutions and organizations from different countries. Exchanging good experiences between different parts of Europe. - Provide the experience of intercultural coexistence among / participants an opportunity to learn more about other cultures. Creation, as a final product of the seminar, a compendium of applications, web pages and any substantial useful accessory within the selected theme category, and its subsequent dissemination seminar participants as possible recipients of the final report of the project will open many opportunities.

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