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Gaming to learn
Start date: Jun 18, 2014, End date: Dec 18, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Gaming to learn is a training course for youth workers, educators and young people. We will count with 27 participants from Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Romania, France, Italy and Spain and with trainers experts both in gamification skills development. It is getting more difficult for young people to adapt to a model of education that is more focused on the acquisition of knowledge and data to the wholistic development of the individual. Young people are bored, is decenter and devote their energies to the use of social and recreational environments. On the other hand learning that is developed in these contexts is not valued by formal education. We believe that the answer lies in the gamification: implementation of elements of the games to not leisure contexts, in this case the context of learning and skills development. This way we will create the epic sense of the "learner" and will help to develop resilience, integrating the failure as a part of learning. It is also a way to integrate cross-cutting contents and visualize learning which, otherwise, would be invisible. Working methods will be a compendium of various learning holistic tools, such as representations, working groups and to share experiences, debates, games, social interaction and personal learning and also tools of informal learning plan and we will also have inputs from experts and trainers. The entire course will be gamificated and we will create a context of playful, with elements of the game, for the participants to experience this new methodology. We will also put emphasis on the learning process of each participant and of the group We will also create materials, as a guide for applying the gamification to non-formal educational contexts and a series of videos to promote this methodology. In the short term is expected to impact on participants, who will have a deeper knowledge of competencies and a new methodology to increase the motivation to learn from young people. Mechanisms of informal learning may apply to the formal and also know as recognize and value learning invisible. Organizations will have a guide to apply the gamification to contexts us formal, a greater knowledge of the program Erasmus + and a strengthening of their networks with international partners. Young people may have a design tailored to acquire competencies and motivate yourself to learn and solve problems, which prevent school drop-outs and is promoted back to school or employment in a world in which there are to be constantly learning. Long term we will achieve that it is an approach to education which integrates elements of informal learning and put special attention to motivation and constant conflict resolution. In this world where the challenges are becoming more already not enough to acquire knowledge, they should cooperate and develop creativity to create together a better world.
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