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Gamification: Game techniques and new methods of non-formal learning
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Dec 1, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Training Course „Gamification: Game techniques and new methods of non-formal learning“ took place in Hagen, Germany in August 2014. The main reason for this project was the complex of problems connected to games in non-formal learning. Many youth leaders, trainers, facilitators know, that they could use game techniques and creative methods in their work, but don’t know what for, with which groups and how to reach maximal effect. So they do it mostly only in a very limited way. The aims of the Trainings Course were: 1.To raise awareness about importance of game techniques and creative tools during Youth Exchanges, Trainings and local projects done within Non-Formal-Learning process, motivate them to use the techniques in their daily work with youngsters. 2.To give to the participants information about correct, effective and efficient use of game techniques in the work with youth groups and inform them about innovative, interesting tools and methods, which can be applied during their projects. 3.Practice how to invent game techniques and methods during the TC and afterwards during projects at home. 4.To point out especially methods and games, which can be used in work with young people with difficult social background and discuss how to involve them better in different projects using these methods. 5. To create a common plattform (Facebook group or Internet site) for Youth Workers, where they can exchange ideas and interesting tools for projects, sessions and activities On this TC took part youth workers, youth leaders, young leaders and teachers. There were 24 participants from Germany, Estonia, Belarus, Serbia, Norway, Lettland, Russia, Moldova. In frames of the project we gave to the participants following theoretical information: importance of the games and creative methods in the learning process, their correct implementation according to the aim of the activity, to the background of the group, age of the participants etc., also how to choose games correctly, how to invent own game or method if necessary, how to deal with difficult groups, typical mistakes etc. In the practical part of the Training Course first, we created place for exchange of experience between the participants. Second, we tried all the methods, every participant had a possibility to be in a leader function andnd to use his/her knowledge immediately. For the organizers it was very important to show the methods, which are still not well known in the youth work: social theatre, geocaching, laughter yoga, different board and card games, creative techniques of the art-therapy. To demonstrate the possibilities and new trends in the field of simulation games we invited two trainers of LARPs (Live Action Role Play) from Norway. They presented to the participants their technique Live Action Role Play and the correct way of using it in the youth work. Through the innovative methods and exchange with the colleges the participants were cheered up and inspired to spread the new knowledge and skills in their organisations and in their projects. After the TC a handbook of the used method and games was created, you can find it online here Soon the storage will be uploaded on the official page of the East-West-East Network. That’s why we expect a concrete impact on the participants, also a long lasting effect though spreading the information in the participant’s countries and in different projects. The training Course was designed and leaded by experienced trainers Ekaterina Pichugova (Ger) and Alexandra Konopelko (Bel), who are working in the field of non-formal Learning since some years and are especially interested in the topic of games.
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