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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The youth exchange GAME of LIFE brought together 24 youngster and 9 youthworkers from three countries: Spain, The Czech Republic, Germany. The participants were teenagers from suburbs of three European cities (Santiago de Compostela, Prague, Leipzig). They face social obstacles and disadvantages (racial or national reasons – Roma, Turk, Marrocan, or other minority identity; low social level of families; incomplete families; peer group obstacles – signs of bullying as a victim) which led them very often to non-active way life of style. Consequently they experiments with socially inappropriate and undesirable behavior (abusing addictive substances; crime behavior or early school drop-out). These attributes of our clients (participants) are same for all of our three organizations. According to our way of working with our clients the most important in prevention of all described risks is avoiding the feeling of boredom. Therefore very important part of our work is preparing of informal activities, which could bring about interest of our client. The best way how to evoke interest is to face him something, what is unknown, variable and active (“full of GAME”). That is the reason why we have placed our activity out of Prague, in the middle of the Sout-West Bohemian countryside, where they will enjoy many new outdore activities which could motivate them for future. There were held two activities within GAME of LIFE project. 1) The Advanced Planning Visit of GAME of LIFE project will be held in May of 2015 (29th – 31st). 2) The youthexchange project GAME of LIFE took place in August of 2015 (19th – 26th). The venue will be held partly in Prague and partly on the South of The Czech Republic (Písek region). Next important part of youth- and outreach programs is the role of counseling. Therefore the main theme of our exchange was a diary or log, named “MY FUTURE”, the future of my LIFE. Our participants made it by themselves at the beginning of the activity. Everybody will make his own map of his desires, goals and expectations within following 10 years. Very important part of the project were meetings with real unknown adult people which will share with our clients their stories and experience. These visitors could help to our participants to reevaluate their goals, attitudes or dreams. Each of our participants took their MF log with him home, where it changes to a tool of feed-back diary of their own efforts. Besides of this personal log called MY FUTURE the youth- and streetworkers offered ways to reach these outcomes: Knowledge (of stereotypes and equality, leisure activities, ERASMUS+, etc.), attitudes (openness toward different opinion, diversity, self-confident, etc.) and behavior (practicing of healthy outdoor life-style).
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